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Balikpapan Fair 2013

Balikpapan Fair 2013 is a national exhibition of Indonesian domestic products. Will be held from 27 February 2013 to 3 March 2013 at Gedung Dome Balikpapan Sport & Convention Center, Jl. Ruhui Rahayu, Balikpapan. Apart from handicrafts and other products, there will be food festival as well. For more details you can contact the event organiser at or call them at +62 21 29067235.

Classical Night 2012

Balikpapan Guitar Society will perform "Classical Night 2012", a musical event which will be held on 9 July 2012, at Mirror Ballroom and Foyer, Gran Senyiur Hotel, Balikpapan, starting from 7pm till 8:30pm. Many musicians local will perform here and play some hit songs in a classical way, such as Blauen Donau (J. Strauss II), Doraemon Songs (Shunsuke Kikuchi), Burung Camar (Vina Panduwinata), Someone like You (Adele), and so on. For detailed information, please go to: or call +62 542 7106293, +62 85251513793.

Balikpapan Expo 2012

Balikpapan Expo 2012 is an international annual expo about mining, oil and gas in Kalimantan (Borneo Island). The exhibition will be held on 14-16 June 2012, at Balikpapan International Sports and Convention Centre (DOME). About 163 companies from over 13 countries, such as South Korea, Italy, Poland, and so on will participate here. For detailed information, please click here.

The Classical Guitar Concert by Thibault Cauvin

Alliance francaise de Balikpapan proudly presents the Classical Guitar Concert by Thibault Cauvin, a young guitarist from France on 19 May 2012, at Grand Senyiur Hotel Balikpapan, from 7:30pm till ends. Cauvin has many international music festival experiences, like in New York, San Paolo, Istanbul, Singapore, and many more. For more information, you can call Alliance francaise de Balikpapan on+62 542 533526.

Borneo ICTECS 2012

This is one stop event, which will be held by the School of Information Management and Computer (locally known as STIKOM) Balikpapan. There will be various numbers of attractive activities, such as internet security seminar, ICT expo, as well as a wide range of competition like 3D animation competition, networking, web development, and so on. Borneo ICTECS 2012 will be held for 4 days long, starting from 15 March to 18 March 2012 at Dome Balikpapan Sport & Convention Centrer. For detail information, please visit or call the event organizer at or by phone on +62 542 424545.

Balikpapan Fair 2012

To celebrate the 115th anniversary of Balikpapan, Balikpapan city government will hold an annual event, Balikpapan Fair 2012 on 28 February-4 March 2012 at Balikpapan Sport & Convention Center (DOME), Jl. Ruhui Rahayu, Balikpapan. Last year, this event followed by around 78 small and medium enterprises and consists of many entertainments, such as games, outdoor activities, seminar, and so on. For further information, please call Mr. Jayzee on +62 81281079750 or Mrs. Dies on +62 81347495971.

The 45th National Jamboree Volkswagen Indonesia

It is an interesting event for VW (Volkswagen) lovers! Volkswagen Indonesia Cyber Community (VICC) will hold a series of VW events at Mal Baru Balikpapan, starts from 31 December 2011 to 1 January 2012. The event consists of a various programs, such as tourism education to Orangutans conservation, bazaar, VW contest and exhibition, gala dinner, and so on. For more information please click here, or contact them at +62 542 5636555, 542 5671555.

The 1st Balikpapan Mining Conference and Expo 2011

This conference is intended to extend the knowledges and find the best solution of many kinds problems in Indonesia mining industry. Some of competent speakers will attended to this event, such as Dr. Thamrin Sihite, Director General of Mineral and Coal, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Republic Indonesia and Drs. R. Edi Prasodjo, M.Sc, Director of Coal Concession, Directorate General of Mineral and Coal, and so on. This mining conference will be held on 22-23 November 2011 at Novotel Hotel, Balikpapan at 8am till 5pm. For further information, please call Mrs. Dewi/Mr. Aryo on +62 21 4584 4361 or by fax: +62 21 4584 4348.

Festival Mahakam 2011

This 3-month festival will be held in Samarinda, the capital city of East Kalimantan province, where Balikpapan is located. Samarinda lies within a few-hour-trip from Balikpapan by car or intercity buses. The "pre-festival" will start in October 2011 and finish in November 2011, where the main festival dates are from 11-15 November 2011. In November, many games and attractions will be held, such as crossing the Mahakam river-swimming competition, traditional dances shows, and many other traditional performances. While in October 2011, there will be drum band festivals, photography competition, and so on. This year event is considered as a local event of Samarinda city, while next year's event is targetted to be a regional event of East Kalimantan Province and in 2013 it will be a national event. For more details please contact Samarinda Tourism Agency in Samarinda, Jalan Dahlia No. 69.

Kenny G World Tour 2011

A worldwide saxophonist, Kenny G will hold a big concert “A Romantic Night with Kenny G World Tour 2011” in Balikpapan on 14 November 2011, precisely at Balikpapan Sport and Convention Center (BSCC) or Dome start from 7pm till end. The promoter of this concert has provided a various ticket classes, from Rp. 350.000 of each silver class up to Rp. 2.5 million of each platinum class. Not only in Balikpapan, Kenny G also held concert in the other major cities in Indonesia, Makassar on 15 November 2011 and Jakarta on 16 November 2011. For more information, please click here.

Ramadhan Vaganza

This year's fasting month, there will be several event in Balikpapan Baru Mall such as: Ramadhan bazzar, Ramadhan sale and free Ta'Jil at food court on 31 July-29 August, Kaligrafi writing and coloring contest on 6 August, Nasyid contest on 14 August, Islam's fashion show on 20 August, red and white fashion contest, and Joy in Hollyday on 30-31 August. For further information, please contact: +62 542 876876.

Balikpapan Fair 2011

In celebrating the 114th Balikpapan's anniversary, Balikpapan Tourism Department held a Balikpapan Fair 2011 in Balikpapan’s convention center (DOME) on 9-13 March 2011 from 10am-10pm. Visitors were able to see local handicrafts, food, services products of hotel, travel, airplane models, etc.

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