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Keuken #3: The Athlete's Feast

For Western and traditional culinary lovers in Bandung, this is a good news for you! Keuken, an annual culinary event will be back this year with more various tenants, such as Batagor Hanimun, Giant Corndog, Kedai Seruput, and many more. Expected, around 26 selected tenants will participate here. This 3rd year?s theme is "The Athlete's Feast". Some famous chefs like Chef Haryo Pramoe, Chef Kala, Chef Mulyadi, and others will do live cooking performances here. In addition, you will also be entertained by local musicians, such as Adithia Sofyan, Tristan, Banda Neira, and many more. Keuken #3: The Athlete's Feast will be held on 30 September 2012, starts from 7am until 9 pm, at Lodaya Sporting District, Bandung. For more information, please click here.

Dies Natalis Maha Gotra Ganesha 41: Bali Kreasi

In order to commemorate the 41st birthday of Maha Gotra Ganesha, there are three events that will be held here in Bandung: 1) Bali Dance XVII Festival on 21-23 September 2012 at ITB West Hall and East Hall, 2) Baleganjur III Festival on 23 September 2012 in ITB East Hall, and 3) the main event, titled "Bali Kreasi", on 30 September 2012 at the outdoor theater Taman Budaya (Dago Tea House). For more information, you may call Dito on +62 8159069008 or Ian on +62 8568583721.

Traditional Art Shows and Art Exhibition

Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java and Taman Budaya Jawa Barat, will hold a traditional art performance and art exhibition in September: "Terebang Sejak" from Garut on 1 September 2012, "Gamelang Ajeng" from Karawang on 8 September 2012, fine art exhibition "Seniman Galeri Teh" and art performace "Wayang Landung" from Ciamis on 15 September 2012, "Wayang Cepak" from Bandung on 22 September 2012, dan "Rengkong Hatong" from Bogor on 29 September 2012. All events will take place at Taman Budaya (Dago Tea House), starting from 7:30pm. So, come and see the traditional arts in West Java!

Blues in the Art

"Blues in the Art" will feature some local artists, such as Imelda Rosalind and Friends, Ginda and the White Flowers, Blues Libre feat Ary Juliyant, and Adrian Adioetomo. The event will be held on 8 September 2012, from 7pm to 10pm, at Galeri Kita, Jl. R.E. Martadinata No. 209, Bandung. Furthermore, Blues in the Art will also be run in Braga Festival event, on 29 September 2012. The event is free.

Bandung International Online Expo 2012

A great internet exhibition will be held on 28-30 September 2012 at Graha Manggala Siliwangi, Jl. Aceh No. 66, Bandung. Various communication technology companies, such as from e-commerce, social network, messenger, web hosting, and so on will participate here. Apart from that, there will be an international conference, new product launching, workshop android mobil app, and many more. For more information, please call the event organizer on +62 22 79571677 or please click here.

Braga Festival 2012

The annual event, Braga Festival will comeback this year in Bandung with more liveliness! "The International Braga Festival People to Peole" is this year's theme. The festival will be participated by some delegations of "sister cities", sush as Braunchweigh (Germany), Hamamatsu (Japan), Suwon (South Korea), Liuzhou (China) and Yinkau (China), and of course some local communities. Around 80 communities are expected to take part this year. There will be many interesting programs, such as film screenings, arts and cultures show, culinary and crafts expo, etc. Braga Festival 2012 will be held on 28-30 September 2012 in alongside Jalan Braga and Cikapundung Timur. Don't miss it!

Braga Festival 2012

Braga Festival 2012 is an annual event held by Bandung city government. This year's event theme is "People to People", and it involves many arts performances and creative industries in Bandung. In this event, there will be a fabric management workshop, boutique and distro exhibitions, fashion show, culinary feast, traditional and contemporary art show, and so forth. This event will be held for three days, 28-30 September 2012, along Jl. Braga, Bandung.

Bandung Air Show (BAS) 2012

Bandung Air Show (BAS) 2012 is a biennial event to celebrate the 202nd anniversary of Bandung City. Many aerospace activities will be performed here, such as static show, dynamic show, fly pass, and aerospace acrobatic, not only by local participants like Jupiter Aerobic Team (from Yogyakarta) and Pegasus (from Subang, West Java), but also by foreign participants, such as from Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand. Apart from that, there will be exhibition of aerospace products, West Java culinary, entertainments show, games, and aerospace workshop. Bandung Air Show 2012 will be held on 27-30 September 2012 at Husein Sastranegara Airfield, Jl. Pajajaran no. 156, Bandung. For more information, please call the event organizer on +62 22 6041221 or +62 22 6033889.

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