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Sungailiat Duathlon

The Bangka District Department of Culture and Tourism will hold Sungailiat Duathlon, which is a 30km-bicycle race and 5km-marathon race. The race will be held on 1 Desember 2012 and through the line along Sungailiat River. Bicycle race is starts from Parai Beach Resort and finish at YPK Kenanga, then continued to marathon to Regent House of Bangka District. The contestants are come from various cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bogor, Palembang, and so on. The 1st winner of the race will get a prize of Rp. 15 millions. For more information, please visit:

Tour D' Bangka

Tour D' Bangka is an international event in Bangka which will be held on 13-16 July 2012. Similar with Tour de Singkarak, the main aim of Tour D?Bangka is to introduce the beauty of nature and landscape in Bangka. The participants will tour the Bangka Island by cycling in 2 days covering a total distance of 400 kilometers. For registration and detailed information, please call Benny on +62 811184111 or go to:

"Serumpun Sebalai" Festival

"Serumpun Sebalai" is an annual festival organized by Bangka Belitung provincial government which will be held on 30 June to 2 July 2012 at city square (Merdeka Field), Pangkalpinang. There will be various traditional arts performance from delegation teams of 7 districts in Bangka Belitung Province, as well as from the other provinces, such as from Jakarta, Jambi, and North Sumatera. Apart from traditional dance performances and Indonesian art and culture performances, there will be also a music performance "Last Child". This event is free. Don?t miss it!

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