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Festival Toraja 2013

Festival Toraja is planned to be held in June-July 2013 in both districts in Toraja, Tana Toraja District and North Toraja District. The event will present Toraja's cultural art performances and ecotourism festival.

Indobuildtech Makassar 2012

Indobuildtech is an annual building material and technologies exhibition in Indonesia. This year, the event is held in 7 cities in Indonesia, such as Medan, Surabaya, Bandung, Makassar, Yogyakarta, and so on, and will be participated by more than 300 building materials enterprises, both local and international enterprises and expected to be visited by 35,000 visitors. In Makassar, Indobuildtech 2012 will be held on 24-28 October 2012 at Trans Studio Mall Makassar. This exhibition is free. For further information, please go to:

Celebes Fair 2012

Celebes Fair is an event to celebrate the 343rd anniversary of South Sulawesi Province. The event will be held for 5 days long, starting from 3 to 7 October 2012 at Celebes Convention Center, Makassar. Celebes Fair 2012 consists of many interesting programs, such as exhibition, culture and art performances, games, and music performances. For further information, please go to:

SIDE 2012

SIDE or Sulsel Incorporated & Development Expo is an annual event held by the South Sulawesi provincial government together with all the city governments throughout South Sulawesi. The exhibition will show you both of city development that has been successfully done in South Sulawesi and city development plans of South Sulawesi in the future. There are also many interesting programs will be held here, such as traditional costumes contest, South Sulawesi art and culture performances, photo competition, live music performances, and so on. SIDE 2012 will be held on 30 August to 2 September 2012 at Celebes Convention Centre, Makassar. Moreover, more than 25 thousand people are expected to attend SIDE 2012. For further information, you may call Mrs. Novira Arisanti on +62 411 5735072 or +62 8124130459. Don’t miss it!

The 4th Anniversary of North Toraja

North Toraja district will hold their 4th Anniversary on 21 July 2012. On this event, the locals will go to the cemetery of the social figures who contributed in creating the new administrative region of North Toraja district. Moreover, there will be a various Toraja dance performances and traditional arts. All events will be held at the Bakti Field, Rantepao. Don’t miss it!

"International Dragon Boat Race and Festival"

A great international event will be held in Makassar this month, named "International Dragon Boat race and Festival" on 15-17 June 2012. The event is presented by the South Sulawesi government and LIC, a Chinese association of economic, social, and cultural in South Sulawesi. Located in Losari Beach, "International Dragon Boat Race and Festival" will be participated by more than 500 participants, both from Indonesia and 20 foreign countries, such as China, Czech Republic, Netherland, England, Australia, and so on. Around 10 thousand visitors are expected to come to the event. Apart from the boat race, there will be Boat Dragon Carnaval, traditional food of South Sulawesi and Chinese exhibition, etc. Don’t miss it!

Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF)

Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF) is an international literature festival that has been held in East of Indonesia, in Makassar since 2011. The event is consists of many programs, such as readings, authors exchange program, community events, discussions, workshops, and book launches. And this year's topic is "Mengunjungi Kenangan" (Visiting the Memories). Makassar International Writers Festival will be held for 5 days long, starting from 13 to 17 June 2012 in some places in Makassar. Various writers from many countries will participate in this event, such as from Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, United State, England, and of course from Indonesia as the host event. For detailed information, please go to website:

Indonesian Aquaculture 2012

Directorate General of Aquaculture in collaboration with Department of Marine and Fisheries of South Sulawesi will hold the Indonesian Aquaculture 2012 on 8-11 June 2012 at Imperial Aryaduta Hotel, Makassar, starting from 8am till 5pm. Many programs will be held here, such as ornamental fish exhibition, seminar and talk show, fish cooking contest, drawing contest for kids, aquaculture business meeting, and so on. Registration is required for seminar. For further information, you can call the event organizer on +62 21 78831914 or by email at [email protected].

Fashion and Jewerly Expo

Fashion and Jewerly Expo will be held for almost 2 weeks long, starting from 30 May to 10 June 2012 at Mal Ratu Indah Makassar, at 10am till 10pm. This expo is a regular event which will usually be held once in every two months, in the same location too. For details information, please click here.

Celebes Craft 2012

Celebes Craft is a yearly exhibition organized by the Department of Tourism and Culture of South Sulawesi Province, which will be held on 17 May to 20 May 2012 at Trans Studio Mall, Makassar (the main gateway to Toraja). A wide range of local crafts will be exhibited here, such as “batiks”, textiles, accessories, wooden handicrafts and rattan, as well as leather crafts. Come and find the best local handicrafts here!

A Day to Remember To Hold Concert in Makassar

A Day To Remember, a metalcore band from Florida, United States will hold a live concert in Makassar on 10 March 2012 at Karebosi basketball court. This is their second concert, after the first concert in Jakarta on 9 March 2012. As the opening bands, two local groups will perform, Endank Soekamti (from Yogyakarta) and Freeday (from Makassar). Pre-sale tickets are still available at Chambers Shop and Radio Madama, Makassar. For further information, you can call Chambers Entertainment, the music promoter on +62 87840668876 or follow their twitter: @chmbrs.

Rambu Solo, a Funeral Ceremony in Tana Toraja

This ceremony will show you the uniqueness of funeral ceremony in Tana Toraja. The funeral ceremony based on social status, where the mourning family sacrifices many buffalos, pigs, and so on, and then to be served to the families and the guests. The dead body will be ‘buried’ in the cliff or in cave or placed in stones, based. This traditional event will be held on 27 December 2011 to 2 January 2012 at Sopai subdistrict, Tana Toraja. You might contact local travel agents for more details info.

Lovely December 2011

This annual event comes back to Rantepao city, North Toraja from 17 December to 31 December 2011 and it is organized by the Tourism Department of North Toraja. Many attractive programs are being held here, such as cultural and traditional shows, fireworks, local food exhibition, local dance and music shows, Toraja nights, and many more. The top event will be held on 29 December 2011, which consists of local food festival, massive local dance, cultural carnival, bamboo music performance, and so on.

Mr. Big Concert in Makassar ("The gate way to Tana Toraja")

Mr. Big, a well known rock band from the US, is going to perform in Makassar, South Sulawesi, a city where visitors normally start their journey to Tana Toraja. They will rock the city on 10 December 2011 in Trans Studio from 7pm onwards. Tickets are sold from as low as Rp. 100,000 and there will be 7,000 tickets available for Makassar. Tickets can be purchased online here:, Click here for more information on Mr. Big.

Sanghadana Kathina in Makasar

This ceremony is one of the Buddhist feast and also known as the Kathina’s month (month of giving funds) that marks the end of three month rainy season which monks have spent in monastery. The pilgrims will offer gifts to the monks as a recognition for their big contribution for Buddhist’s community. This ceremony will be held on 23 October 2011 in Klenteng (Vihara) Kwan Kong, Sulawesi Street No. 172 2nd Floor, Makasar at 9pm till 11pm.

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