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As the island is growing as one of the Indonesians' destinations for weekend getaways, Bangka Island provides various types of accommodation, fromnon-star accommodation to luxury hotels.

Major (big) hotels are easily booked through the internet and widely accept credit card, while small hotels or accommodation might accept only cash for transactions.

See below a list of hotels in Bangka Island (no-sponsor messages), ie. All information given are independently gathered.

Room rates are based on the published lowest rates (an approximate price for your initial guidance only, please check with the

respective hotels for their latest offers).

Nearby attractions/facilities explains available attractions/facilities, such as banking, health, post, and so forth, within approximately 1.5 kilometer (0.93 miles) from the hotel.


Novotel Hotel

Location:Jl. Soekarno Hatta, Km. 5, Pangkalpinang
Telephone:+62 717 436888
Fax:+62 717 436889
Facilities:Wi-Fi, restaurant, swimming pool, fitness & spa, karaoke & bar
Remarks:227 rooms, rates starting from Rp. 750,000 to Rp. 5,600,000. Credit card payments accepted


Location:Jl. Soekarno Hatta (Jl. Raya Koba) Km. 5, No. 17, Pangkalan Baru, Central Bangka
Telephone:+62 717 1256888
Fax:+62 717 4256889
Facilities:high-speed internet access, meeting and conference rooms, coffee shop, spa, swimming pool, business center
How to get there:take a yellow angkot from Ramayana Market and get off at the hotel. Fare: Rp. 3,000
Remarks:125 rooms, rates starting from Rp. 675,000 to Rp. 3,600,000. Credit cards payment accepted.

Novilla Boutique Hotel

Location:Jl. Laut RT2, Sungailiat
Telephone:+62 717 92535
Fax:+62 717 95785
Facilities:meeting room, fitness center, tennis court, spa and massage, fishing pool
Remarks:it has 49 rooms. Room rates start from Rp. 550,000 to Rp. 1,750,000 on weekdays and Rp. 687,500 to Rp. 2,187,500 on weekend.

Tanjung Pesona Beach Resort

Tanjung Pesona Beach Resort

Location:Jl. Pantai Rebo, Sungailiat, Bangka
Telephone:+62 717 435560, 435562, +62 812 71235999
Fax:+62 717 435561
Facilities:Lotus (billiard, discotheque, karaoke), Wi-Fi, laundy service, meeting and conference room, restaurant, swimming pool, souvenir shop, tennis court, beach volleyball court, musholla (praying room for Muslims), billiard, tour package
Remarks:it has 44 rooms with room rates start from Rp. 350,000 to Rp. 1,900,000 on weekdays and Rp. 420,000 to Rp. 2,200,000 on weekends. Credit cards accepted.

Parai Beach Resort & Spa - click for more information

Location:Jl. Pantai Parai Tenggiri, Sungailiat, Bangka
Telephone:+62 717 94888, +62 812 7174888 (SMS reservation)
Fax:+62 717 94000
Facilities:water sport of Parai Tenggiri beach, Galaxy Music Café, , karaoke, pub and billiard, souvenir shop (daily, 7am-11pm)
Remarks:60 rooms. Room rates start from Rp. 480,000 to Rp. 1,100,000 on weekdays and Rp. 570,000 to Rp. 1,220,000 on weekends.

Centrum Hotel

Hotel Centrum

Location:Jl. Depati Amir No. 8, Pangkalpinang
Telephone:+62 717 421696, 423047, 436739, 436729
Fax:+62 717 437489
Remarks:24 rooms starting from Rp. 500,000 to Rp. 900,000. Wi-Fi available and accept credit cards payment.

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Serrata Terrace Hotel

Location:Jl. Pantai Pasir Padi, Pangkalpinang
Telephone:+62 717 4256088, 4256095, 7010166
Fax:+62 717 4256196
Facilities:karaoke, swimming pool, volley beach field, tennis court, jogging track, biliard, musholla (praying room for Muslims), meeting room, cottage
Nearby attraction:Pasir Padi
Remarks:55 rooms, rates starting from Rp. 300,000 to Rp. 1,300,000.

Grand Millenium Hotel - click for more information

Location:Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 198 A-B, Pangkalpinang
Telephone:+62 717 437600
Fax:+62 717 421628
Facilities:karaoke, discotheque, internet café, billiard
Remarks:room rates start from Rp. 217,000 to Rp. 484,000.

Jati Wisata Hotel

Location:Jl. RA. Kartini No. 3, Pangkalpinang
Telephone:+62 717 431900 431500, 431700
Fax:+62 717 43122
Facilities:meeting rooms, restaurant, karaoke bar, coffee shop
Remarks:28 rooms. Room rates start from Rp. 195,000.

Sabrina Hotel

Location:Jl. Diponegoro No. 73, Pangkalpinang
Telephone:+62 717 422424, 423511, 431300
Fax:+62 717 432900
Facilities:restaurant, coffee shop, bar, karaoke, business center, travel agent, beauty salon, tennis court
Remarks:14 rooms, rates starting from Rp. 175,000 to Rp. 400,000.

Bumi Asih Hotel - click for more information

Location:Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 25, Pangkalpinang
Telephone:+62 717 437776, 437778, 437784, 437785
Fax:+62 717 437775
Facilities:Wi-Fi, restaurant, meeting rooms, coffee shop, 24-hour room service, drug store, laundry, large parking lot
Remarks:72 rooms, rates starting from Rp. 400,000 to Rp. 1,000,000.

Griya Tirta Hotel - click for more information

Location:Jl. Semabung Lama No. 272, Pangkalpinang
Telephone:+62 717 433438 +62 81273456768
Fax:+62 717 423859
Facilities:restaurant, meeting room, coffe shop
Remarks:27 rooms, rates starting from Rp. 365,000 to Rp. 725,000.

Mitra Hotel - click for more information

Location:Jl. Mentok No. 3, Pangkalpinang
Telephone:+62 717 439071
Fax:+62 717 424265
Facilities:shopping center, boutique, restaurant, swimming pool, garden bar, meeting room
Remarks:built in 2002 and has 36 rooms. Room rates start from Rp. 200,000 to Rp. 400,000. Cash payments only.

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