Hotels in Manado

Mama Roos, Manado

Location:Batu Putih Village, Bitung
Mobile:+62 813 40421454, 56406115 or
Nearby attractions:Batu Putih beach (white sand, 250 meters away only), Tangkoko Nature Reserve
How to get there:from "Tangkoko" Terminal, take an ojek (fare: Rp. 5,000) to "Girian" Terminal (about 5 minutes away). From Girian Terminal ask for the public transport that goes to Batu Putih Village. This "car" usually waits to get a full load of passengers, which may take about 1 hour (fare: Rp. 8,000 to Rp.10,000). Transportation from Paal 2 Terminal Manado to Bitung, North Sulawesi
Remarks:rates start from Rp. 250,000 (full board meals included). Cash payment only and no internet access. About 1.5 hours by taxi at a cost about Rp. 200,000-Rp. 300,000 or by public transports from Manado to Bitung.