Sea Transportation

Balikpapan is a seaport city that has two domestic seaports or "pelabuhan" (/pé-lâ-boo-ân/): Pelabuhan Semayang and Kampung Baru Tengah.

Semayang port is located in “Prapatan” district, which is reachable by mikrolet number "6" from “Damai” terminal. This "pelabuhan" is the most crowded harbor in Balikpapan since it is used for both people and merchandise transportation to the eastern part of Indonesia from other cities, such as Jakarta or Surabaya.

Pelni, the national shipment company, has services to and from other cities in Indonesia, such as Nabire, Tarakan, Nunukan, Parepare, Surabaya, Jayapura, Nunukan, Makassar, Maumere, Kupang, Surabaya, Jakarta. For interstate ship schedules please go to PELNI's website: or if you prefer, you can call its call center at +62 21 79180606. It operates daily from 7am to 8pm.

The other seaport is called "Kampung Baru”, which is located at “Kampung Baru Tengah” village. It is smaller than Semayang port and it is also part of the “Kampung Baru” floating village. This "pelabuhan" serves routes to/from some districts within the East Kalimantan Province. Visitors mostly will see speed boats with a capacity of 6 passengers here rather than huge passenger ships, though sometimes there are a few bigger boats with a capacity of 200 passengers.

This harbor can be reached by mikrolet number "5" from “Damai” terminal. For further information, please contact Ms. Susi Isup from Transportation Services Department: +62 815 45589088. She speaks Bahasa Indonesia only. If you need her help, you might have to ask your hotel staff to talk to her.

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