Bandung City

Arena Wisata Delman/Rickshaw and Horse Riding

There are two attractions around Taman Sari Zoo entrance and ITB, where visitors, mostly children, can experience horse riding or travelling on a Delman (a horse-drawn cart) around the area.

Location : in front to Taman Sari Zoo entrance or ITB’s main gate area
Operating hours : daily, 8am-5pm
Admission charges : cost around Rp. 25,000 for a short delman trip around 600 meters or Rp. 60,000 for a longer distance (about 1 kilometer). One delman can fit up to 5 persons. A-600 meter horse riding trip costs about Rp. 15,000 for 1 or 2 persons (1 adult & 1 child).

Bank Indonesia Building

This building used to be named "De Javasche Bank Bandung" during the Dutch colony era. It was built in 1909 facing Kerklaan, which is now known as Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan. Then Edward Cuypers, a Dutch architect, rebuilt it into a bigger building and finished it in 1918. After gaining its independence in 1945, the Indonesian government took over the building and made it became the building of Bank Indonesia in 1953.

Location : Jl. Merdeka and Jl. Watsukencana Junction
Nearby attractions : old buildings, such as church of Bethel and Cathedral
Nearby facilities : ATM/banks, church, shops, hotels, a shopping mall
How to get there : by angkot: take the one that goes in the "Kalapa-Dago" direction, get off at the Junction of Jalan Merdeka and Jl. Watsukencana, where you can see this building.

Butterfly Garden

Taman Kupu-kupu or Butterfly Garden is a new place of interest in Bandung with a collection of butterflies to entertain visitors. Currently is has more than 300 butterflies of approximately 45 species. There is also a hut where visitors can see the process of caterpillars turn into butterflies.

Location : Jl. Raya Cihanjuang No. 58, KM 3,3, Cibaligo Village (about 10 kilometers/6 miles from Bandung train station or about 5 kilometers/3 miles from Pasteur Highway/Jalan Tol Pasteur)
Telephone : +62 22 60822222
Email : [email protected]
Operating hours : Monday-Friday, 9:30am-4pm, Saturday-Sunday, 8:30am-5pm
Admission charges : Rp. 20,000 per person
Facilities : hats can be borrowed for free during the sightseeing in the garden, function hall, children playground at a cost of Rp. 10,000/person, restaurant, shop, toilets
How to get there : By public transport, the best and the easiest way is by taxi (costs about Rp. 60,000 one way, approximately 50 minutes from Bandung train station in “normal traffic” conditions). You need to ask your taxi to wait for you.
If you have plenty of time or consider to save some money, it is still possible to take the angkot: from Jl. Juanda take the “Kalapa-Ledeng” angkot and get off at Ledeng station (fare: Rp. 3,000). From Ledeng take another angkot heading to Parompong station (fare: Rp. 3,000). From Parompong take an angkot heading to Cimahi (the purple colour, fare: Rp. 3,000) then get off at the garden’s main gate
Remarks : credit card payment available. You will be given a round pin after payment. You may need mosquito repellent too.

City Square / Alun-alun

Alun-alun Bandung or Bandung’s City Square used to be a main place for people to gather and do outdoor activities. Today it seems to have lost its attractiveness since there are many new places for locals to hang out. Though people still come to Alun-alun, usually their main intention is to pray at the Grand Mosque, which is built right on it.

There is a Tourism Information Center (they said it's a temporary site) which is located in the northern side of the mosque, accessible via Jalan Asia Afrika. You might need to ask around to find this small office. Its operating hours: 9am-5pm, closed on weekends and public holidays. Telephone: +62 813 22128090 (English speaking).

Location : Jl. Asia Afrika, the same location as Grand Mosque
Admission charges : free
Nearby attractions : Grand Mosque, Museum Asia-Africa
How to get there : by angkot: take the one that goes in the "Kalapa-Ciroyom" direction and get off in front of Alun-alun (the Tourism Information Center). Fare: Rp. 2,000
Remarks : beware of pickpockets around Alun-alun

Gedung Sate

The building was built in 1920 by a Dutch architect, J.Gerber. It is named Gedung Sate or "Satay building" because of the shape of its main roof and was designed based on a combination of Italian and local architectures, Islamic and Hindu. The Dutch East Indies government used this building as its main office and today Gedung Sate is the office of the West Java Governor.

Location : Jl. Diponegoro No. 22
How to get there : On foot from Jalan Ir. H. Juanda (Dago - just to the north of Dago Plaza) then onto Jalan Diponegoro approx. 900 meters, from the junction of Jalan R.E.Martadinata (Riau) and Jalan Banda approximately 1 kilometer (0.62 miles), from Jalan Merdeka (Bandung Indah Plaza) approximately 1.7 kilometers (1.06 miles)
By angkot: take the one that goes in the"Cicaheum" direction from "Ledeng" and stop right in front of the museum (fare: Rp. 2,000).

Grand Mosque / Mesjid Raya

This recently renovated building (finished in 2004) is the main mosque in Bandung. Bandung’s Grand Mosque has two 81-meter-tall (265 feet) minarets. The initial idea was to build two 99-meter (324 feet) minarets because of a religious belief, but since there is an airport nearby, it was not possible to get permission from the local authority (because of an aviation safety reason).

The original mosque itself was built in 1811, made of wood and bamboo, but in 1930 a new mosque was designed by Henri Maclaine-Port. The Grand Mosque can accommodate a maximum of 14,000 worshippers. After renovation, date-palm trees were planted around the mosque garden and a Turkish-Mediterranean style fountain was also built in front of the mosque.

Location : Jl. Asia Afrika (right on Alun-alun)
Nearby attractions : Museum Asia-Africa, Savoy Homann Hotel, Jalan Braga, "Pikiran Rakyat "Newspaper Building (art-deco building)
How to get there : Within walking distance from Jalan Asia Afrika and Jalan Braga; from Jalan Merdeka (Bandung Indah Plaza, Hyatt hotel, Santika hotel, etc) on foot (approx. 1.2 kilometers or 0.75 miles walk)
By angkot: take angkot that goes to "Kalapa" from "Dago" direction (fare: Rp. 2,500)
Remarks : should you want to see inside the mosque, you will need to dress appropriately, no food or drink is allowed inside and do not walk in front of Muslims who are praying. Shoes must be off before going inside the mosque and you can keep them in the lockers provided. Beware of pickpockets around Alun-alun/Mesjid Raya.

Hagel Eens (Au Bon Marche)

In 1930, this building used to be one of the most famous trendy fashion shops. The shop used to sell expensive and elegant fashion products from France, owned by Au Bon Marche. Before that, this building was owned by Hagel Eens family, who also sold fashion products but later decided to sell their shop to Au Bon Marche. Au Bon Marche run the shop without erasing Hagel Eens family name, which still can be seen on the wall of today's building. Currently the building is empty and not well maintained.

Location : Jl. Braga
Nearby attractions : local art shops, paintings
Nearby facilities : Braga City Walk, restaurants, shops
How to get there : walk about 300 meters (328 yards) from the Alun-alun towards the north along Jalan Braga

Hotel Savoy Homann

This hotel was initially named Hotel Homann. It was designed by a Dutch architect named Albert F. Aalbers and was owned by the Homann family in the late 1800s. Homann was a German immigrant who arrived in the 1870’s. When the new building was completed it was then renamed Hotel Savoy in 1939.

It has subsequently been recognized as one of the city's landmark buildings for its tropical art deco architecture.

Hotel Homann or Savoy or Savoy Homann has had famous people on its guest list, such as the King and Queen of Siam (Thailand) in the late 1890’s, Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford who stayed in 1927, Indian Prime Minister PJ Nehru, Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Naseer in 1955, The Duchess of Westminster, and so on. Charlie Chaplin even visited more than once.

Location : Jl. Asia Afrika No. 112 (a few hundred meters east of Mesjid Raya)
Telephone : +62 22 4232244
Website :
Nearby attractions : Museum Asia-Africa, Alun-alun, Grand Mosque of Bandung, Jalan Braga, "Pikiran Rakyat "Newspaper Building (art-deco building)

Institut Teknologi Bandung

De Techniche Hoogeschool te Bandung was built in 1920 by the Dutch and renamed Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in 1959. Although the university has grown in size, faculties and numbers of students, the original buildings are well maintained.

Institut Teknologi Bandung has a unique roof style which was designed by architect Henri Maclaine-Pont, based on a West Sumatera traditional house, which still can be seen today on its east and west halls.

ITB has a view interesting remarks, such as The first president of Indonesia, Soekarno, graduated from this university in the late 1920’s. Asiaweek magazine in 2000 ranked ITB ahead of Australian technology universities – such as the Queensland University of Technology, University of Technology Sydney, and so on, and it is now ranked in the 21st position, down from 15th in 1999. In 2004 ITB reportedly had more than 14,000 students.

Location : Jl. Ganesha No. 10
Telephone : +62 22 2500935
Website :
Nearby attractions : Bandung's Taman Sari Zoo and Zoo Museum
How to get there : By angkot: if you take the "Dago" direction, stop in front of Borromeus hospital near Jalan Ganesha and continue on foot about 600 meters (656 yards), if you take "Sadangserang-Caringin" or "Cicaheum-Ledeng", you can stop right in front of Bandung zoo and ITB is across the road.
By taxi: from Jalan Merdeka it costs about Rp. 20,000, from Alun-alun (Jalan Asia Afrika) about Rp. 35,000
Remarks : tourists are not allowed to enter the university unless prior permission is obtained, however the buildings are visible from the roads.

Cihampelas Point

A place where visitor can shop in a factory outlets, discover various local dishes and see animals in a mini zoo, all in one area.

Location : Jl. Cihampelas No. 184
Entrance fee to the mini : Rp. 10,000/person
Remarks : Cash payment only. The ticket counter of the mini zoo is in the factory outlets.

Kampung Gajah

A place where you can pick strawberriesy, eat in the restaurants, shop in a factory outlet, and for the kids to enjoy various entertainments in children playground or horse riding, etc.

Location : Jl. Sersan Bajuri KM. 3,8
Telephone : +62 22 2784545
Remarks : payment only. Price for picking the strawberries: costs Rp. 6,000/ounce (per 30grs). Sorry not strawberry tasting during picking.

Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung is the one of the lastest tourist destinations in Bandung and it is currently the biggest indoor theme park in the world. This second Trans Studio was opened in Bandung on 18 June 2011. The first theme park is located in Makassar (south of Tana Toraja), south Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Trans Studio Bandung, which has a size of more than 4 hectares, offers around 20 kinds of attractions located in its 3 different sections: Studio Central, Lost City, and Magic Corner. One of its attractions is “launch coaster”, which is only available 3 in the world, 2 in USA and 1 in Trans Studio Bandung, as of its opening day.

Location : Bandung Supermall complex
Telephone : +62 22 91099999
Website :
Facilities : ATM, cafes, hotel, restaurants, shopping mall, souvenir shops
Operating hours : Monday-Friday, 10am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday/public holidays, 9am-10pm
Admission charges : Monday-Friday Rp. 150,000/person, Saturday-Sunday Rp. 200,000/person. (VIPs add Rp. 200,000 per ticket). Plus Rp. 10,000 for the entrance/payment card
Remarks : credit card payment available (additional fee of Rp. 20,000). Daily parade starts at 4:30pm.