Depending on where they are located or their target market, cinemas, karaoke bars and discotheques can have big differences in comfort, and of course that is not to forget their prices.

Cinemas in Indonesia usually play movies in the original version (English, French, Mandarin etc) with Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) subtitles.

Listed below is two most well known cinemas by locals.


Blitz Megaplex

One of the high class cinema chains in Indonesia, which was started in Bandung, it has a state of the art audio system and usually has a minimum of 8 screens (movies) in one location.

Location : Jl. Sukajadi 137-139 (within Paris van Java mall)
Telephone : +62 22 82063630
Fax : +62 22 82063631
Website : www.blitzmegaplex.com
Operating hours : first movies at 12pm, last movies around 21pm
Ticket price : Monday-Thursday Rp. 25,000, Friday Rp. 30,000, Saturday-Sunday/Public holidays Rp. 40,000
Facilities : 9 auditoriums, café, pool room, Wi-Fi
Nearby facilities : hospital, ATMs, pharmacy, restaurants, police station
Nearby attractions : Paris van Java Mall
How to get there : by angkot: from Jalan Merdeka, take the one that goes to Ledeng and stop at Tomodachi Café (Jalan Sukajadi). It costs Rp. 3,000 for a 20 minute journey. Continue by taking the “Karang Setra-Cibaduyut” or “Karang Setra-Kalapa” angkot and get off right in front of the mall (fare: Rp. 2,000 and takes only 5 minutes)
Remarks : usually there will be a very bad traffic jam next to PVJ mall usually, just after the office hours, because of narrow road and too many cars, worsen by a local traditional market nearby. To avoid this traffic jam, you can park your car or motorcycle at the Hasan Sadikin Hospital, which is located at about 800 meters south of PVJ.

Cinema 21

This largest cinema network in Indonesia since 1987 and has 8 theaters in Bandung. It has two kinds of cinemas, one targets high class society and the other is for a wider range of customers.

Location : Bandung Indah Plaza, Braga City Walk, Bandung Supermall, CiWalk, etc
Operating hours : from around 11am to around 10pm
Ticket price : more than Rp. 100,000 for its high class theathers and starting from Rp. 9,000 for other cinemas
Website : www.21cineplex.com

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