Outskirts of Bandung

There is public transport (such as angkot or other minibuses) serving Bandung and Lembang, Tangkuban Perahu in the North and Kawah Putih in the South.

The approximate distance from Lembang to Bandung is 18 kilometers (11 miles) and during Sunday late afternoon, with traffic congestion, traveling time might extend to slightly more than 2 hours. However, during the normal period a trip from Lembang to Tangkuban Perahu entrance (about 15 kilometers or 9.3 miles further to the North) traveling time is usually around 40 minutes.

The Angkot fares to Lembang or Tangkuban Perahu entrance from either bus/angkot terminal in southern or northern Bandung cost Rp. 5,000 and Rp. 15,000, respectively.

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