Suggested Walking Tours suggests three options on walking tours in Bandung. One is for the south-end of Bandung, another one for walking tour in the center of Bandung and the other is for the north-end of the city.

There are a few things to be considered when moving around Bandung on foot, such as crossing busy streets, conditions of pedestrian areas, stroller friendly sidewalks, and so on. For more information on transportation within Bandung please go to Transportation Within Bandung.

The first option is a walking tour in the center of Bandung, which can be completed in about 45 minutes (just the walk, without counting time for exploration on places of interest along the 2.3-kilometer route).

The center of Bandung tour is suggested to start from either Mesjid Raya (Grand Mosque) or Alun-alun (city square) and end at Pasar Baru Trade Center (for those who like to do bulk shopping).

The second option, which is the northern part of Bandung can be commenced from the Zoo or Institut Teknologi Bandung, where Andong/Horse Riding is also located and ends at Gedung Sate, where Jalan RE Martadinata/Jalan Riau is just a few hundred meters away for restaurants or shopping in factory outles. The whole walking along this 2.4 kilometer track can be done in about 45 minutes (as the other options, it depends on your speed or performance, needs, road conditions, and so forth).

The last option is a walking tour in the southern part of Bandung, which can be commenced from Monument Bandung Lautan Api and ends along Jalan Cibaduyut (for those who like to buy leather clothes or shoes). The track is about 2.7 kilometers long and can be completed in about 50 minutes (without counting time for exploration on places of interest). This track may not as attractive as the other two walking-tour options, since the center of Bandung and the northern end of Bandung are more developed to welcome tourists.

To return to the city center from Jalan Cibaduyut, either by taking a taxi, an angkot or walk back to the starting point. If you consider taking the angkot, take the one that goes to Kebun Kalapa (Kb. Kalapa) and from there you can continue on foot or change into another angkot that goes to your final destination. Cibaduyut (Cb. Duyut) to Kebon Kalapa (Kb. Kalapa) is about 30 minutes ride by angkot and costs Rp. 3,000.

By placing your mouse over the camera images on the map, you will see the photos of locations where you should make the turn.

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