Health in Manado

Hospitals and Pharmacies

There are a few hospitals (Rumah Sakit or "RS" /roo-mâ sâ-kit/ ) in Manado and its surroundings, with some having considerably high standards and also a 24-hour emergency service. There are also numbers of clinics (klinik), while pharmacies/chemists (apotik) are plentiful.

A list of a few hospitals in Manado, in alphabetical order:

RS Advent Manado
Location: Jl. 14 Februari No. 1

RS Budi Mulia
Location: Jl Sam Ratulangi X/9A, Bitung

RS Islam Sitti Maryam
Location: Jl Pogidon Raya 53, Manado

RS DR. Sam Ratulangi
Location: Malalayang, Manado

RS Siloam
Location: Desa Tounelet, Sonder

RS Setia Budi
Location: Kota Langowan

RS Pancaran Kasih
Location: Jl. Sam Ratulangi XIII, Manado

RS Prof. Dr. Kandau
Location: Malalayang, Manado

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