Museum Negeri Provinsi Sulawesi Utara

This museum is also called North Sulawesi Provincial Museum and was established on 9 January 1991. The museum has 2,426 objects, representing cultures from Manado, Minahasa and also from other regions in North Sulawesi such as Sangihe, Talaud, Sitaro, Minahasa, Bolaang Mongondow, and Gorontalo.

Their collections are divided into 10 classifications including the following; (i) Geological, (ii) Biological, (iii) Ethnographical, (iv) Archaeological, (v) Historical, (vi) Technological Collections.

There are also collections of European ceramics, secondary burial pots and a silver plate which was a gift from the governor of Moluccas to the King of Kendahe Kingdom on 26 August 1688. There are also collections of weaving tools, old manuscripts, ancient cannons, sea-shell musical instruments, local paintings and many other things.

Location : Jl. W.R. Supratman No. 72
Telephone : +62 431 870308
Fax : +62 431 870308
Email : [email protected]
Website :
Operating hours : Monday-Thursday, 8am-4pm, Friday, 7am-11:30am, Saturday, 9am-2pm. Closed on Sunday and public holidays
Admission charges : voluntary donation (for cleaning charge) - there is a box for donation next to the guestbook for visitors
Facilities : toilets, canteen, English speaking guide
How to get there : from "Pasar 45", take a mikrolet to Teling (fare: Rp. 2,000 - less than 10 minutes trip). Tell the driver that you are going to this museum and he will drop you off at "Komo Dalam" (in front of a school (SMPN 1 Manado), near the museum)
Remarks : clean and adequately maintained, though some displays are not lighted. July is their busiest month because often students visit the museum during their holidays. Taking photos is allowed.

Museum Perjuangan Bintal Korem 131 Santiago

This museum used to be known as Museum Kodam XIII-Merdeka and established on 27 February 1979 by General Rudini, the then commander-in-chief of Indonesia National Army. This is a small military museum that displays a collection of weaponry, ancient canons, and other military equipment. Besides that, there are agricultural seeds such as corn, beans, and rice that used by the Indonesian society during colonization era.

Location : Jl. Bethesda (in front Ratumbuisang hospital and next to the gas station in "Sario" sub-district)
Operating hours : Monday-Friday, 8am to 2pm
Admission charges : voluntary donation expected
Facilities : toilets
How to get there : from south end of Boulevard (near Bahu mall), walk for about 500 meters (547 yards) along Jalan Bethesda and it will be on your left hand side; from "Pasar 45", take a mikrolet that goes to Jalan Kembang (15-minute journey)
Remarks : it might be less attractive than the other two museums and sometimes it may look like it is closed but there are always staff around during its opening hours.

Waruga Museum (Waruga Sawangan)

This is little "museum" that displays a collection of artefacts such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and so on saved from the Waruga tombs. Arriving visitors will usually go straight to the tombs where a local guide will approach them and talk about the tomb and then will bring visitors to this museum.

After looking at the collections in this room-sized museum, you will be "guided" to fill in a guestbook and to give donations (it's up to you how much you would like to donate).

The Queen of the Netherlands Beatrix and her late husband Prince Claus visited the Waruga tombs and this museum in 1995. Photos of their visit are also displayed.

Location : Sawangan Village, about 25 kilometers [15.5 miles] from either Manado or Bitung, 20 kilometers [12.4 miles] from Tondano
Operating hours : daily, 6am-6pm, expect late opening on Sunday (around 11am)
Admission charges : voluntary donation
Facilities : souvenir shops, toilets, English speaking guides
How to get there : By taxi (fare: non-meter around Rp. 100,000-Rp. 150,000 one way)
Own transportation
By public transport: take mikrolet to Paal 2 Terminal, then continue by a bus that goes in the Airmadidi or Bitung direction, inform the bus driver or his assistant that you want to go to Waruga. After getting off, the easiest and fastest is by taking a short ride on an ojek to Waruga and ask if he can wait for you (fare: around Rp. 4,000 one way)
Remarks : one of the interesting places to visit in Manado/Minahasa.

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