Outskirts of Manado

Should you like to visit Tomohon, Tondano or Bitung by public transportation, you need to go to intercity bus/mikrolet terminals, Paal 2, Karombasan, or Malalayang Terminal, which can be reached by either mikrolet or ojek from anywhere in Manado.

Bus fares depend on passengers' destinations or travelling distance. Approximate distance between Manado-Tomohon is 25 kilometers (15.5 miles), Tomohon-Tondano about 15 kilometers (9.3 miles), and Tomohon-Bitung about 55 kilometers (34 miles). Currently the bus fare from Manado to Tomohon, a 30-minute-uphill journey, is Rp. 5,600 and to Bitung is Rp. 7,500 (non-air cond bus) or Rp. 8,500 (with air-cond) for a one-hour journey. Mando to Tondano is about 45 minutes and costs Rp. 6,800.

Once you reach Tomohon or Tondano, there is an interesting public transportation in the Minahasa highlands, called Bendi ( /bén-dhee/ - a horse-drawn cart) that only goes a certain distance and costs Rp. 2,000 for a short trip. Like mikrolet or other public transports in Manado, you can hop on and off anywhere.

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