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Kali Waterfall

Located about 10 kilometers southeast from Manado, these waterfalls are also known to the locals as "Tapahan Telu" or three waterfalls. The highest waterfall stands at 60 meters (197 feet) and the shortest at 20 meters (65 feet).

Location : Kali Village, Pineleng
Operating hours : daily
Admission charges : general admission of Rp. 2,700 per person
Facilities : toilets (in poor condition), resting areas
Nearby attractions : The Tuanku Imam Bonjol Mausoleum
How to get there : by public transport: take mikrolet from Karombasan Terminal to Kali Village in Pineleng district (click here for mikrolet fare from Karombasan to Pineleng) and get out in the front of the entrance gate
Remarks : from the entrance gate, where visitors pay for the tickets, normally it will take about 20 minutes to get there through a small path.

Pinaras Waterfall

Among the villages lying within Tomohon City, Pinaras is the only village where a tribal language called "Tombulu" is used in daily conversation. Although, they also speak Minahasan dialect when talking to other local people of Minahasa and speak Bahasa Indonesian to those who come from outside North Sulawesi.

Many years ago, there was a big rock in the middle of the waterfall. Before the water touched the ground, it hit the rock first and created a sprinkle of water downward. This sprinkle of water in "Tombulu" language is called "Tumimperas" but later it was simplified and called "Pinaras". The waterfall itself is about 43 meters high (141 feet).

Location : Pinaras Village, Tomohon Barat
Operating hours : daily, mostly day time
Admission charges : free
Facilities : no facilities
How to get there : by mikrolet from Tomohon to Pinaras Village (about 9 kilometers/5.6 miles or about 20 minutes at a fare of Rp. 3,500). By ojek will take you there faster at a cost of around Rp. 5,000 (negotiable)
Remarks : road is not in a good condition. There are 180 steps to go down to the waterfall and it can be a slippery path near the waterfall. Though the water is not so clean, you can swim if you wish. It is recommended that you acknowledge your visit to the village chief by visiting the village office on the main street of the village (ask local people).

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