Welcome to Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia, the main gateway to Komodo island.

One of the common ways of reaching Labuan Bajo is via air, although there are people who sail from either Bali or Lombok as well. If you arrive by plane, the airport is pretty small and easy to navigate (no cafes or restaurants within the boarding gates and arrival hall). In one corner in the arrival terminal, there is an official taxi stand with official taxi fares stated on a big banner (depending on the distance you travel and this small booth is very obvious from the entire arrival hall), but it is quite common to see hotels picking up their guests at the airport.

The airport lies practically speaking "within the town", knowing how small Labuan Bajo is (many can be reached in less than 15 minutes). Hotels are plentiful in downtown, ranging from budget to starred hotels. If you haven’t decided where to stay, just click “find the hotels” below for any price that suits your pocket (sourced from a respectable Booking.com booking agent).

Travelling within the town can be done on foot or by taking the angkot, a minivan that costs you Rp. 5,000 one way (make sure you have the Indonesian currency with you, which you can withdraw from numerous ATMs downtown). Angkot can be hailed anywhere and most of the time the driver will even drop you off at your hotel lobby (if along the route). If you decide to go on foot, Labuan Bajo is not yet pedestrian friendly town. Many areas don’t have proper pedestrian ways and the road can be dusty during dry season. Streets “out of town” are not lit at all, so if your hotel is a little far from the town center, you may need to bring a torch or use your mobile phone flashlight!

Shops selling basic needs are also available in Labuan Bajo. There are two shops (supermarkets) that sell pretty much everything you may need to survive while on vacation, and reasonably priced, if not cheap to certain countries standards!

Eateries are not an issue in Labuan Bajo. There is a fine dining Italian restaurant called Made in Italia that charges rather reasonable prices (compared to European standards) - you can find this restaurant in Google Maps! Apart from European dishes, there are plentiful restaurants that serve Indonesian dishes. Most of the restaurants (Indonesian, Asian, European, etc) are located near the harbour. Your hotels usually also serve food and beverages.

If you haven’t made any booking for your Komodo island trip, there are many agencies in Labuan Bajo “city center” that offer daily trips or overnight trips to Komodo and surrounding islands. Packages are lots cheaper than you might find in the internet, but advance arrangement is recommended for guaranteed boats, particularly during holiday seasons.

Enjoy your trip in Labuan Bajo!

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