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Danau Linow

Danau ( /dh�-n�o/ ) or Lake Linow is also known as three-colour lake because often it changes colour from deep blue to turquoise, green and yellowish green. This happens because of its high sulfuric level. Click the picture on the right for more and bigger photos of Danau Linow.

Danau Linow is a quiet and peaceful place though strong sulfuric smell is common every morning around the lake and the village. People also come to this area for its hot spring too.

Location : Jl. Raya Lahendong, Lahendong Village (Sonder-Tomohon)
Operating hours : 24 hours (access from public road) or daily, 9am-7:30pm (access from a "resort" next to the lake)
Admission charges : Rp. 25,000/person (for resort access, inclusive coffee and snacks)
Facilities : abandoned toilets and a poorly maintained gazebo (public access); within the resort: cafeteria, toilets and jogging track
Nearby attractions : Villa Esmeralda, Masarang palm sugar factory
How to get there : by public transportation: from Tomohon Terminal take mikrolet that goes to Lahendong Village (fare: Rp. 3,500, about 20 minutes), tell the driver that you want to get off at Linow street (near a church called "Damai Sejahtera Lahendong"), followed by a short walk on Linow street
Remarks : swimming in the lake is prohibited.

Danau Tondano

Danau Tondano is the biggest lake in North Sulawesi. It is located about 700 meters (2300 feet) above sea level. There is a small island called 'Likri Island' on the center part of this lake. The diameter of the island is just about 20 meters (65 feet) and there is nothing there except an abandoned public toilet. Click the picture on the left for a bigger photo of Danau Tondano.

Most of the locals who live around Lake Tondano work as traditional fishermen. There are two historic places left near Tondano Lake, a Dutch Port (?Pangkalan?) and a bunker which was also used by the Japanese during the World War II. They are located in Kakas sub-district or well known to the locals as 'Tasuka'.

Location : Tondano town/village
Facilities : floating restaurant, resorts
How to get there : from Tomohon Terminal, take a mikrolet to Tondano Terminal (fare: Rp. 4,000). From there, change into another mikrolet to Remboken (fare: Rp. 5,000). It will go along the Tondano lake until reaching its destination in Remboken Village. Best option: by ojek or own transportation (car rental) because of limited public transport along this route
Remarks : it is usually windy and cold around this lake.

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