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There are a few terminals in Manado and North Sulawesi, both for mikrolets, interstate and intercity buses. It is rare to see foreign tourists or even domestic tourists from, for instance, Java taking interstate buses to reach Manado. Travelling from Makassar in South Sulawesi to North Sulawesi's capital city Manado can take days.

Two big main terminals in Manado are Paal Dua Terminal and Malalayang Terminal. Paal Dua Terminal is located in the eastern part of Manado. Mikrolets from downtown Manado stop here and passengers will have to take other mikrolets or buses from Paal Dua to their northern destination, such as Sam Ratulangi Airport, Air Madidi (if you want to go to Waruga), Bitung (Tangkoko and Lembeh Strait), Kairagi, Paniki, and so forth.

Malalayang Terminal is located in the southern side of Manado and it also serves as an interchange terminal from Manado to southern destinations, such as Tasik Ria Beach and even further destinations out of North Sulawesi Province like Gorontalo, which take approximately 8 hours on an interstate bus.

Another terminal within Manado City is Karombasan Terminal, which serves destinations like Kali Waterfall and two Minahasa highlands, Tondano and Tomohon (about 22 kilometers/13.7 miles southeast of Manado).

Please click here for details on public buses in Karombasan, Paal 2 and Malalayang Terminal in Manado.

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