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Malalayang Beach

This is a unique beach in Manado where some areas are covered with gravel and some are covered with black sand. From this beach, you can see views of Manado city, Manado Tua and Bunaken islands. There are also some spots around the beach which are good for snorkeling

Location: Malalayang Dua village, Manado
Operating hours: daily
Facilities: washing rooms and some kiosks selling local dishes, such as fried banana
How to get there: from "Pasar 45" terminal, take a mikrolet to "Malalayang" terminal (about 30 minutes). From the terminal, walk for about 200 meters towards the southwest direction
Remarks: this beach was mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records for a record breaking of a mass diving event, in which 2,486 divers joined in the "underwater flag ceremony" in commemoration of the 64th Indonesian Independence Day.

Tasik Ria Beach

Though this is one of the locals' favourite weekend getaway spots, don't expect to see something as spectacular as the beaches in Bali or Hawaii. Tasik Ria beach is famous mostly for locals because of its proximity to Manado city (less than 20 kilometers/12.4 miles from "Zero Point" which is the city center). This is one of the places where people depart for Bunaken island

Location: Jl. Raya Trans Sulawesi
Operating hours: daily
Admission charges: Rp. 1,000 for an adult
How to get there: during weekdays about 25 minutes driving from Manado.


Manado Cultural Center

Well known to local people as "Taman Budaya" ( /thâ-mân buddha-yâ/ ), it is located about 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) from downtown Manado. This cultural center was inaugurated on 24 January 2003, as the regional center for performances, training, development, and art management in the North Sulawesi province.

The exhibition room displays some paintings, dance costumes and traditional musical instruments. Visitors are allowed to play some of these musical instruments.

Manado Cultural Center can arrange a special traditional art performance, provided you inform them in advance, as they have a few trained groups of performers

They can perform traditional dances, such as Cakalele, Lenso, Maengket, Pisok, Tumetenden and traditional music, such as Bamboo music, Bamboo with Clarinet, Shell music and Kolintang.

Location: Jl. Maengket, Wanea
Telephone and Fax: +62 431 864489
Operating hours: Monday-Thursday, 8am-4pm, Friday, 8am-11am
Admission charges: free
Facilities: canteen, exhibition room, library, a 500-seat theater hall, and toilets
Nearby attractions: souvenir shops (within 10 minutes walk to Jalan B.W. Lapian, turn left from the museum entrance gate)
How to get there: from Pasar 45, take a mikrolet that goes in the "Teling" direction (less than 10 minutes), ask the driver to drop you off at "Komo' Dalam", which is right in front of a Junior High School (SMPN 1 Manado)
Remarks: This is about a 20-minute ride by mikrolet from "Pasar 45". Unfortunately this facility is not in its best condition.

Sonny's Gallery

Sonny, the owner and the artist, opened his first gallery in 1996 in Manado. His works of art in painting are inspired by his old dreams, which became true after 25 years of hard work.

His major focuses are cocks, Bunaken, landscape, Kabasaran dancers, flowers, horses, and water buffalo. One interesting fact about Sonny's paintings is that they are done by his bare fingers!

"Keep painting till you come to a great satisfaction" has become Sonny's inspirational motivation to explore more of the best of him. Apart from paintings, Sonny ?s Gallery also displays a collection of poems and traditional songs of Minahasans.

If you visit Sonny?s Gallery in Tomohon, you will also be welcomed by geese, cocks, hens and two dogs

Location: Titiwungen Utara, Lingkungan IV, Lorong Sonny Gallery no. 46, Sario, Manado
Other location in Kakaskasen III village, Tomohon - near a Buddhist temple "Vihara Buddhayana"
Operating hours: Monday-Saturday, 10am-8pm
Admission charges: free
Facilities: toilets and free water or coffee (only at Tomohon gallery)
How to get there: Manado gallery - by public transport: from "Pasar 45" take a mikrolet going into Wanea-Samrat or Samrat Coco or Jalan Kembang direction. Tell the driver to drop you off at Apotik Setia II (pharmacy/chemist) on Jalan Samrat (about 10-minute ride). From there, a short walk behind the pharmacy Tomohon Gallery - from Karombasan terminal in Manado take a bus that goes to Tomohon and tell the bus driver to drop you off near Jalan Salib Suci Mahawu (JSSM). About 25 meters from JSSM, you will find a road on the left with a traffic sign of ?no entry? for public transportation. Get off there and continue on foot for about 500 meters ahead until you see a signboard that says "Sonny Art Painting Gallery II Tomohon Jalan Sunge Kakaskasen" on your right (click here for fare and journey time)
Remarks: taking picture is not allowed inside both galleries.

Orchid Gardens

Located on the main road between Manado downtown and the airport, there are two private orchid gardens that have become well-known among locals and visitors, especially for orchid lovers. The one that is located in front of Manado Memorial Tomb has been run for about 15 years.

The other one is also another family-owned orchid garden, which is closer to the airport. The owner is an old lady who has been running her hobby of orchids for about 30 years.

Location: in front of Manado Memorial Tomb, Kairagi village (about 20 minutes from the airport) about 500 meters (547 yards) from the airport, on the left side of the road from Manado
Telephone: +62 431 811243
Operating hours: daily
Admission charges: free
Facilities: toilets
How to get there: by mikrolet: within approximately 20 minutes from the airport or 25 minutes from Pasar 45 in Manado
Remarks: the second garden which is near the airport also run a small motel. The orchids are not for sale.

Pierre Tendean Boulevard

This 3.5 kilometer (2.2 mile) long road is known just as Boulevard or 'Bole' to the locals. It used to be dirty and smelly, especially on Sunday mornings when a lot of young people hung out at many street hawkers, and "warung" along this boulevard on Saturday night. Today, under the current mayor of Manado, Pierre Tendean Boulevard has become cleaner.

The boulevard was very crowded in August 2009, during the Sail Bunaken Event. It is common advice from locals for visitors not to walk alone after around 10pm along this main street.

Many shopping malls have been built along this boulevard and located next to each other, where a few major hotels are also situated. Apart from shopping malls, there are a lot of banks with ATMs, travel agents, offices, hotels, and so forth.


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