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JTG Card Exhibition

BEC Mall, Bandung, 19-25 Nov 2012

Our marketing team at the exhibition

in BEC Bandung, 19-25 Nov 2012

JTG Card
(a Membership Card)

Use our membership card, "JTG Card", and get discounts up to 40%, or other promotional offers, at many favorites stores, restaurants, hotels and so on. A complete list of participating places can be found on the navigation link on the left - "Participating Merchants".

Participating merchants include fine dining restaurants to local delicacies, 1 star hotels to 4 star hotels, souvenir shops, and so on. And depending on your travel planning, you can choose your JTG Card validity period: 1 month, 6 months or 12 months.

One month JTG Card can be purchased at participating merchants or our office for only US$ 7 (or about US$ 0.23 per day).

If you plan to stay longer than a month or a frequent visitor to Bandung, then you can consider of buying a 6-month-validity JTG Card, costs only US$ 15 (or US$ 2.5 per month).

The one year JTG Card is available for US$ 24 (better value for money for people who will travel a lot to destinations listed in, which equivalent to only US$ 2 per month). All prices already include handling and postage charges!)

However our Internet Special Price US$ 6.90 is for 1 YEAR JTG Card (which less than US$ 0.60 per month). All prices already include handling and postage charges!

Payment is done by credit card through Paypal, a respected and safe online transaction provider.

As of 18 Feb 2013, we don't accept new membercard orders. We will publish on this page once we are accepting any new order in the near future. We do apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.