Helar Wayang: Festival Apresiasi Wayang Indonesia (Appreciation Festival of Indonesian Wayang)

This is a great event shadow puppet festival Indonesia, which will be held for one week in Bandung city. This year's theme is "Wayang Karya Agung Budaya Dunia" or literally means "Puppet Masterpieces of World Culture". "Festival Apresiasi Wayang Indonesia" will be held from 16 to 22 December 2012 at Gasibu field, Bandung (in front of Gedung Sate). This festival consists of many attractive events, such as Wayang Carnival, Wayang Parade on the Street, as well as breaking MURI record (Indonesia record museum) and Guinness Book Record. For further information, please call Mr. Adi Irwana Truna on +62 8996879989 or by visit website:

Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC) Indoor Concert 2

Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC) Indoor Concert will comeback in Jakarta on 1-2 December 2012. The event will take place at Gedung Teater Jakarta – Taman Ismail Marzuki and will be run twice a day, at 2pm and 7pm. JFC will feature performing art from JFC Marching Band, Best of Costume JFC XI, JFC Kids, as well as special performing art wear by Dynand Fariz. Ticket prices available at Rp. 500,000 (platinum), Rp. 300,000 (gold), Rp. 100,000 (silver). For detailed information, please go to website:

Lion Air Bunaken Jazz Festival

This is a big event for jazz lovers in Manado! Lion Air will hold “Lion Air Bunaken Jazz Festival” for the first time at Lapangan Megamas, Manado on 20 October 2012. The event will be starting from 2pm to 10pm. Many jazz musicians will perform here, such as Balawan, Syaharani and The Queen Fireworks, Gugun Blues Shelter, Ari Pramundito, Barry Likumahuwa Project, and many more. Tickets are available at a price of Rp. 100,000 (ticket box) and Rp. 150,000 (purchase on the spot) for public visitors. While for student is Rp. 50,000 (ticket box) and Rp. 75,000 (on the spot). For more information, please call the event organizer on +62 85340004259.

Java Soulnation Festival 2012

Java Soulnation will be back this year presenting more famous talented musicians! There will be many international and Indonesian musicians performing here, such as James Morrison, Robin Thicke, Valerius, Dewi Sandra, Raisa, Sandhy Sandoro, Bottlesmoker, and many more. Java Soulnation Festival 2012 will be held for 3 days long, starting from 28 to 30 September 2012 at Istora Senayan Jakarta. Ticket prices are Rp. 500,000–Rp. 1,400,000 (normal prices) and Rp. 300,000–Rp. 715,000 (pre-sale prices). You can purchase them online here or call +62 21 96810022/23 (ticketing hotline). For detailed information, please go to: or call the event organizer on +62 21 72783601/02.

"Ngertakeun Bumi Lamba" (Welfare of The Earth) Ceremony at Mount Tangkuban Perahu

Ngertakeun Bumi Lamba (literally means: Welfare of The Earth) is an annual ceremony to be held at Mount Tangkuban Perahu in order to thank the earth. Some indigenous representatives and spiritualists from all over Indonesia will attend and do some rituals, like sacrificing offerings, chanting, playing traditional music, and so on. The event is divided into two parts. The first part is the pre event: "Patumpekan" Batu Satangtung (Lingga Yhoni) ceremony which will be held on 23 June 2012, starting from 9am, at Babakan Siliwang City Forest, Bandung. While the main event: "Ngertakeun Bumi Lamba" ceremony will be run on 24 June 2012, from 8am, at Ratu Crater - Upas Crater, Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung. The admission fee of main event is free if you arrive at Tangkuban Perahu before 9am. It is suggested to dress up appropriately since it is a traditional ceremony. Don't miss it!

Indonesia Tourism & Culture Expo 2012

For those who like to explore the beauty and cultural diversity of an archipelago country like Indonesia, this event is then for you! Indonesia Tourism & Culture Expo 2012 is an annual event, which will be held on 24-27 May 2012 at Hall B Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), starting from 10am till 8pm. This exhibition will be followed by 33 provinces in Indonesia and provides all information about best tourism destinations, as well as about accommodations and transportations, such as tour packages from travel agents, hotels information, souvenirs, and so on. For further information, you can call the event organizer on +62 21 7892939.

“Konser Orkestrasi Angklung X”: Exchange The Choice is Yours

Keluarga Paduan Angklung SMAN 3 Bandung (literally means The Angklung Ensemble Society), a renowned angklung alloy from Bandung will hold a concert titled “Konser Orkestrasi Angklung X: Exchange The Choice is Yours" on 5 May 2012. Located at Gedung Teater Jakarta, Taman Ismail Mazuki, the concert will bring Indonesian famous musicians, such as Ananda Sukarlan (an Indonesian worldwide pianist), Kikan Namara (an Indonesian singer), Djitron Pah (a musician of Sasando, a traditional musical instrument from East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia) and many more. Ticket prices range from Rp. 125,000 (Class 2) to Rp. 275,000 (VVIP). For further information and reservations, you can call Mr. Demas on +62 82126982225 or Mr. Naufal on +62 85794676826, or visit:

Secondhand Serenade Live in Bandung, Jakarta, and Makassar

Secondhand Serenade, an indie rock band led by vocalist and guitarist John Vesely, will hold concerts in three cities in Indonesia. This is his third show in Indonesia, after his last performance in Bandung and Surabaya in 2011. This year, he will come back and make a great performance in Bandung (27 April 2012), Jakarta (28 April 2012) and Makassar (29 April 2012). In Jakarta, the concert will be held at the Tennis Indoor Senayan. The ticket price starts from Rp. 275,000 for tribune, Rp. 330,000 for festival, and Rp. 385,000 for VIP class. You can get the concert tickets in some places in Jakarta, such as Blackrock Entertainment office at Jl. Tirtayasa IX No 12, South Jakarta,, and so on. For further information, please click here or call Blackrock Entertainment, the promoter, on +62 21 70077979.

Dream Theater To Hold Concert in Jakarta

Dream Theater, a progressive metal band from Massachusetts, USA will make a great live performance in Jakarta this weekend, at Mata Elang Indoor Stadium, Pantai Karnaval, Ancol on 21 April 2012 for their 11st album: “A Dramatic Tour Of Events”. Tickets can be bought at or, ranging from Rp. 450,000 to Rp. 4,000,000. For further information, please call Variant Music on +62 21 32757577, 72789387 or by email: [email protected] / [email protected].

Anthrax To Hold Concert in Jakarta

Anthrax, a famous heavy metal band from New York, US will hold their first concert in Indonesia, on 31 March 2012 at Pantai Karnaval Ancol, Jakarta. This concert is a part of Anthrax Asian tour series, which will be held for their new album “Worship Music”. They will sing their hits, such as “I’am the Law”, “Caught in a Mosh”, “Got The Time”, “Madhouse”, and “Indians” at the concert. Brought by Blade Indonesia, an Indonesian music promoter, will provide 15,000 tickets, ranging from Rp. 410,000 for presale price. Click here for more detailed information or by phone on +62 818 724 724.

Deep and Extreme Indonesia 2012

This is an annual international diving and extreme sports exhibition, which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia. This year’s theme is “Family Go Adventures”, and it aims to encourage families that adventure and extreme sports can also be done with family, as well as to raise awareness of environment and nature. This exhibition will be held from 29 March till 1 April 2012 at Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center. More than 150 exhibiting companies will attends and 20,000 visitors are expected to come. For detail information, please visit:

Java Jazz Festival 2012

Java Jazz Festival is said to be one of the best and largest jazz festival in the world. The 2012 Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival will be held at the JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta on 2-4 March 2012. This annually held jazz festival begun in 2005. Next year, it will have a list of well known international and Indonesian musicians performing there. For details please click its official website:

Indonesia Fashion Week Exhibition 2012

Indonesia Fashion Week Exhibition 2012 will be held on 23-26 February 2012 at three zone of Jakarta Convention Center: Cendrawasih, Main Lobby, and Assembly. It will exhibit a wide range of Indonesia artworks in clothing, accessories, shoes, and bags. Batik —a well known traditional fashion from Indonesia, as well as tenun —a hand-waved textile will also be displayed here. A runway fashion show by Indonesian famous designers, such as Anne Avantie, Ali Kharisma, Ida Royani, Musa, and so on will also enliven the event. For further information, please click here.

INAFFF 2011 (Indonesia International Fantastic Film Festival)

Indonesia International Fantastic Film Festival is comeback! It will be held in two cities in Indonesia, Jakarta and Bandung, on 11–20 November 2011 at Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia and 25-27 November 2011 at Bliztmegaplex Paris van Java, respectively. There will be about 40 movies from all around the world and 8 new short films from LA Lights Indie Movie. A part from that, find out more about film making and how to seek funding to your film by a workshop with Lala Timothy (producer of Pintu Terlarang). So don’t be missed! For more details about this movie festival, please visit:

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