Bung Hatta Conservation Forest

Bung Hatta Conservation Forest is located on a high ground, from 400 meters to 1,300 meters above the sea level. This conservation forest has various interesting plants, such as Raflesia Gaduansi, Balangphora sp, Amorphopalus (“bunga bangkai”), wild orchids (“anggrek alam”) and protected wildlife, such as the siamang monkeys, forest goats, tapirs, Sumatrans bears, harimau Sumatra (Sumatran tigers), kuau birds, and so on.

There are a few trekking routes in Bung Hatta Conservation Forest, where visitors can enjoy the rainforest, the plants or even to see the wild animals. Visitors can also relax on a spot, where everybody can see the panorama of Padang with the Indian Ocean in the background. Approximate temperature here is around 13°C to 26°C. There are camping grounds, guest houses and a research site too.

If you would like to explore the rainforest here, it is suggested to have a professional guide with you. The arrangement can be done in advance at the Padang Tourism Department Office or at any local travel agent.

Location : 18 kilometers to the east of Padang
How to get there : By own transportation or car rental
By taxi
By public buses: Take a bus that goes to “Solok ” and get off at Bung Hatta Conversation Forest (fare: about Rp. 5,000)
Remarks : smoking is not allowed in the rainforest.

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