The Queen

Location : Jl. S. Parman No. 118 A, Padang
Telephone : +62 751 9004300
Operating hours : daily, 7am-7pm
Price : Rp. 10,000/t-shirt.


Location : Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 4, Bukittinggi
Telephone : +62 752 21333

Yo Siko Laundry

Location : Komplek Kodam Blok A No. 4, Siteba, Padang
How to get there : take the light blue angkot from “Pasar Raya” Terminal and get off in front of Yo Siko Laundry. Fare: Rp. 2,000
Remarks : in the same location as Yo Siko internet.

Fresh Laundry

Location : Jl. Raya Pondok Kopi No. 16, Siteba, Padang
Telephone : +62 813 63312150, +62 838 97835488

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