Local Arts in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Traditional Dances of Minangkabau

Tari Piring (Plate Dance)

Tari Piring is one of the well known traditional dances in Indonesia. It is performed by one to ten men or women. They dance and hold small plates on each hand at the same time (watch the video). Tari piring is normally perfomed during a harvest season or to welcome official guests.

Watch Tari Piring (Plate Dance) performance: www.youtube.com

Tari Payung (Umbrella Dance)

Tari Payung is a local (etnic Malay) friendship dance that is performed by young people, men and women. It tells about cheerful young couple and they dance by umbrella as part of the dance.

Watch Tari Payung performance: www.youtube.com

Pasambahan Dance

Pasambahan Dance is normally performed by a group of dancers to welcome guests, where a female dancer carries a “carano” (a kind of golden metal pot covered by a local patterned fabric) while dancing, then other dancers will open the carano’s cover and serve (or pretending to serve) to the guests.

Watch Pasambahan Dance performance: www.youtube.com

Galombang Dance (Waving Dance)

Galombang dance is performed by male and female dancers, often it is combined or ended with Pasambahan Dance. The male dancers, who perform Galombang Dance, dance as if they do “Pencak Silat”, the Indonesian traditional martial arts. Galombang Dance is usually performed to welcome guests.

Watch Galombang Dance performance: www.youtube.com

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