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Lubuk Minturun Natural Pool

Just like other beaches around Padang, mostly local residents come to Lubuk Minturun natural pool on the weekends. Lubuk Minturun Natural Pool has cool and clear water. However some areas of the pool are quite deep for children or even adults to stand or swim.

There are floating tyres for rent here in Lubuk Minturun Natural Pool. It costs Rp. 5,000 per floating tyre. Just like the other Lubuk, Lubuk Peraku Natural Pool, this place is crowded with people on the Balimau’s day (a day of traditional event to welcoming Ramadhan or the fasting month of Islam).

Click the picture above for more and bigger photos of Lubuk Minturun Natural Pool.

Location : Koto Tangah sub-district, 20 kilometers from Padang city center
Facilities : toilets (Rp, 2,000/person)
Remarks : foreign tourists should also respect on how the locals swim here, where many of them (especially the girls) wear their clothes while bathing or swimming.

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