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Since the Pagaruyung Palace was struck and destroyed by lighting, visitors mostly go to the Minangkabau Village and Cultural Center to see the “Gadang” house, the traditional house of Minangkabau. The Minangkabau Cultural center itself was opened for the first time to on 8 August 1988. An enormous traditional Minangkabau house here also functions as a museum that has large collections of books, photos, and old coins, Minangkabau’s traditional costumes, and so on. Here, visitors can also hire Minangkabau’s traditional costumes and take photos. There will be a rental charge for a costume of Rp. 25,000.

Click the picture above for more and bigger photos of Minangkabau Village & Cultural Village.

Location : Silang Bawah Padang Panjang, West Sumatra
Telephone : +62 752 84164
Operating hours : daily, 8am 4pm
Admission fee : Rp. 2,000/person
Facilities : toilets and parking lot, language availability: English and Indonesian
How to get there : from Padang Panjang terminal, take an ojek (motorcycle taxi) to Minangkabau village. Expect to pay Rp.3000
Remarks : many tourists come with their own guides. To arrange for a tour guide, you can arrange with Travel Agents.

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