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Adityawarman Museum

MuseumThe Adityawarman Museum or the Museum Negeri Provinsi Sumatera Barat (the National Museum of West Sumatera) is situated in the center of Padang. This museum was built in 1976 and inaugurated on 16 March 1977 by then the Cultural and Education Minister, Prof. Dr. Syarief Thayeb. Adityawarman Museum occupies an area of 2.5 hectares, and it is surrounded by a spacious and neatly laid out garden.

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This museum collects 6,000 Minangkabau relics, which are classified into Geological/Geographical, Biological, Ethnographical, Archeological, Historical, Numismatic/Heraldic, Philological, ceramology (all kind of objects that made from ceramic), 3-dimension Art, and technological. All collections are housed in a large traditional Minangkabau house that lies in front of two rice barns (also known as Rangkiang in West Sumatera dialect). The collections are displayed in five different rooms:

1. The Matrilineal Culture of West Sumatera Room displays miniatures of traditional houses, the chart of West Sumatera’s matrilineal system, traditional costumes, and so on.
2. The Minang Daily Life Rroom displays daily life activity tools such as weaving tools, traditional cooking tools, carving tools, fishing tools, etc.
3. The Cultural and Geological History Room displays old inscription stones, carved wood, and so forth.
4. The Costumes and Ceremonial Equipment Room displays a big range of West Sumatera’s traditional costumes and equipments, which are used for ceremonial events such as wedding ceremonies.
5. The Mentawai Tribe Culture Room displays daily activity tools and photos of Mentawaian people.

Location : Jl. Diponegoro No. 10, Padang
Telephone : +62 751 31523
Operating hours : Tuesday-Sunday, 8am to 4pm. Closed on Monday
Entrance fee : Rp. Rp.1,500/person (adult), Rp. 800/person (child)
Facilities : toilets, a canteen, languages are available in Indonesia and English; cafetaria, parking area, mushalla (praying room for Moslem), library, exhibition room and children’s playground
How to get there : from Jalan Imam Bonjol/Jalan Bundo Kanduang, Adityawarman Museum is within walking distance, about 10 minutes walk to the south towards to Jalan Gereja, near a local snack shop ‘Kripik Balado Shirley’ turn right to Jalan Diponegoro
Remarks : on Monday, the museum is closed but the office is open, so visitors can only ask for information regarding this museum. Taking photo is allowed. There are some programs held regularly at this museum, such as exhibitions, workshops, competitions, and so on. Normally these occasions take place in a separated building located at the back of the museum.

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