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Local people in Padang are generally friendly and helpful, and mostly are strong believers of Islam. Travelers are advised to dress and behave appropriately in order to avoid unnecessary attention.

Found more information about clothing in Tips Indonesia.

You might also experience a few greetings on the streets, especially from local kids or people who are trying to make a conversation with you. If you think the locals laugh or smile a lot during talking to you, don't take it wrongly as if something is funny or wrong with you, it is just part of their smiling culture.


Should you like to develop and print your photos, there are many photo services in Padang. Generally locals go to either Kodak or Fuji shops. Processing time depends on numbers of printing, but usually it takes around one hour or less for a set of photos, and it costs about Rp. 1,500 for one print. Here are some photos’ studio in Padang you can visit:

Photo Studio
Location: Jl. Prof M. Yamin

Fujiyama House of Photography
Location: Jl. Pasar Ambacang No. 1
Telephone: +62 751 22888
Operating hours: daily, 8am-8pm

Digie Pro Studio
Location: Jl. S. Parman No. 188 C, Ulak Karang, Padang
Telephone: +62 751 7053786
Operating hours: daily, 8am-8pm

Paris Photo Studio Digital
Location: Pasar Simpang Haru AA2 No. 1, Padang
Telephone: +62 812 6730395
Operating hours: daily, 8am-8pm

Post office

Padang Post Office
Location: Jl. Bagindo Aziz Chan, Padang
Operating hours: Monday to Friday, 8am-3pm


Most angkot drivers in Padang drive their minivan as if they are in a Formula 1 race. Extra cautions are needed when crossing the street. Padang itself becomes quiter after 10 pm. Visitors are advised to avoid walking alone after 10 pm, especially along Pasar Raya.

Other common crimes in big cities, like pickpocketing, are fortunately a rare problem. Police in Indonesia (and Padang itself) in general are changing towards better public service standards. Though changing the old habits (and public perception) is not easy and takes time, they have been taking lots of steps to improve public perception. For instance, renewing a driving license which in the past took a few hours and would make people end up paying a lot more, today can be done almost instantly without extra charges.

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Police station
Location: Jl. M.Yamin, Padang
Telephone: +62 751 33724

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JoTravelGuide 13 Jun 2012


Waalaikumsalam Wr Wb. Thanks for your visit and comment Adam. All maklumat tentang Padang from us is available here on the web that you visited yesterday. Semoga ini dapat membantu. Best regards from JoTravelGuide.


Adam 12 Jun 2012


Asalamualaikum! Bisa kah saya perolihi segala maklumat tentang Padang. Terima kasih


mahizan 2 April 2012


penerangan anda cukup menarik. saya dan keluarga akan berangkat ke Padang dari Malaysia pada 7 April 2012. kami datang menaiki Air Asia. harap2 semua berjalan lancar dan aman kerana kami tidak mengunakan ejen pelancongan. Membaca penerangan anda seolah olah saya sudah berada di sana. tk

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