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Randai is a famous Minangkabau theatre among the locals. It tells various classic or contemporary stories in traditional dances and music.

Watch Randai performance: www.youtube.com

Pencak Silat

This is an Indonesian traditional art of self defense sport and agility. Previously, Pencak Silat was used as a self defence. Nowadays, some people – in West Sumatera – still keep and learn Pencak Silat. But it is mostly performed as traditional art like dance or in sport events.

Watch Pencak Silat performance: www.youtube.com

Lion Dance (Barongsai)

“Barongsai” is a Chinese traditional art that is performed on new building opening ceremony, welcoming guests, at Indonesian Independence Day, and so on. Barongsai is played by 2 persons or more, mimicing a lion's movements in a lion, or a mythical dragon, costume. The Barongsai Hong Beng Tong Group from Padang awarded the fifth best Barongsai Performance during the Barongsai World Champion in Genting Highland, Malaysia.

Watch Lion Dance performance: www.youtube.com

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat is a boat race representing groups or villages. Participants decorate their boat with various colors and designs in order to make their boats look more attractive. The local race here becomes international, since it is participated by contestants from neighboring countries, such as Brunei, China, Malaysia, the Philipines, South Korea, Vietnam.

Watch Dragon Boat competition: www.youtube.com

Tabuik Festival

Tabuik Festival is a ritual festival in Pariaman, near Padang, that has become an annual program in the province’s tourism calendar. This annual Islamic festival is held to commemorate the heroic battle of Muhammad’s two grandchildren, Hasan and Husein. Symbolic coffins (with a height of 12 meter to 15 meter) and models of Bouraq, a mythical winged horse with a human face who brought them into heaven, are marched through streets in the town of Pariaman alongside with traditional music and dances. At the end of the festival, participants will cast the symbolic coffins and Bouraq models into the sea at Gondoriah Beach.

Watch Dragon Boat competition: www.youtube.com

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