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Pasir Jambak Beach

Most visitors from the area come on the weekends. Visitors can swim or enjoy fresh coconuts from local sellers (costs about Rp. 5,000). Sometimes people see airplanes flying low close to the beach (the airport of Padang is located nearby Pasir Jambak Beach) and cowherd with his cows passes through the beach. Here on Pasir Jambak Beach, you can try “sate udang” (a local shrimps satay) sold by mostly local women. A bottle of mineral water costs Rp. 4,000 or Rp. 1,500 for a cup of mineral water.

There are also a few guesthouses around Pasir Jambak Beach. The “Uncle Jack Guesthouse” is one of the well-known accommodations among the western tourists.

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Location : 20 kilometers north of Padang, on the way to Bukittinggi
Entrance fee : Rp. 2,000/person and Rp. 1,000 for parking fee
Operating hours : daily, from about 6am to 7pm
Facilities : toilets, wash rooms (Rp. 1,000/person)
Remarks : it takes about 1 kilometer from the entrance/main gate to the beach. Accepts cash payment only.

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