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Popular Markets and Shopping Centers

Night Market

Located nearby the ferry terminal, this market was first opened in November 2007. The western side of the market is where many food stalls are located. Customers normally sit on the floor while having their dinner, mostly Khmer food. On the other side of the market is where more than 100 stalls sell all kinds of goods, such as clothes, jewellery, souvenirs and so on. Some of the sellers do speak English.

Souvenir prices vary from around US$ 1 for a small fridge magnet to about $ 7 for a small Buddha statue or $ 10 for a souvenir plate and so forth. Don't forget to bargain!

It is open on weekends (Friday to Sunday) from around 6pm till midnight. Outside this timing, the market becomes an empty ground.

Location : junction between Norodom Blvd and Sihanouk Blvd
How to get there : walking distance from Wat Botum, the Royal Palace or the Riverfront area.

Phsar Orussey

This market caters for mainly local residents, where vendors mostly sell goods, such as fruits, meats, fresh flowers, many kinds of dry fish, vegetable, house wares, and so forth. English speaking sellers are also very limited.

However, for foreign tourists, there are a few bicycle rentals and internet cafes located just to the south of this market, on St. 107. (Click here for further information on bicycle rental).

Location : to the north of Street 182, between St. 111 and St. 141
Operating hours : daily, about 8am to around 5pm
How to get there : approximately 900 meters (984 yards) south west of Phsar Thmey (Central Market).

Phsar Toul Tom Poung (Russian Market)

This is the market where foreign tourists usually hunt for local souvenirs, even though many sellers speak limited English. Here tourists have many options available, such as clothing (silk), bags, handicrafts, CD/VCDs, and many other things.

Shoppers have to bargain hard in order to get good prices. For instance, a 50-cm (about 20 in) wood carving opening price can be as high as US$ 30, but they might let it go as low as $ 18 or even $ 31 for 2 pieces.

There are a few food kiosks at the back of the market (the western side), where they sell mostly local food.

Location : to the west of Street 155, between St. 440 and St. 450
Operating hours : daily, about 8am to around 5pm
How to get there : 1.3 kilometers (1,420 yards) south of Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
Remarks : the market can be very stuffy during day time and expect heavy traffic during rush hours.

Sorya Shopping Mall

The biggest modern shopping mall in town, Sorya shopping mall is just like any other shopping centers in many countries. It sells many items and also has a few fast food restaurants, which give foreigners more food choices.

Other than food, prices are usually higher than those in the Russian Market. English is also very limited among the shop keepers.

Toilets are free but there is no toilet paper and mostly squat toilets. More information on Tips Cambodia.

Location : Street 63, to the north of St. 154 and just a few meters south of Central Market.

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