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Boeung Kak Lake & Phnom Penh’s Biggest Mosque | Central Market (Phsar Thom Thmey) | National Library | Railway Station | Wat Phnom

Boeung Kak Lake and Phnom Penh’s Biggest Mosque

The lake is famous for backpackers, however, this biggest lake in Phnom Penh is losing its ground since a developer has reclaimed the lake with sand taken from the Tonle Sap river.

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However backpackers will still be able to enjoy their popular spot, which is located on the eastern side of the lake, where many backpackers styles of accommodation are currently situated, before the developer completes its reclamation in a few months time.

Also located on the eastern side of the lake, just on the edge of Street 86, is Phnom Penh’s biggest mosque.

Click Boeung Kak Lake picture for bigger photo after reclamation.

Location : west of Monivong Boulevard, north of Confederation de la Russie (St. 110)
How to get there : access from Monivong Boulevard, via St. 86
Remarks : backpackers’ accommodations are located to the south of the mosque.

Central Market (Phsar Thom Thmey)

As one of Phnom Penh’s main tourist attractions, this huge yellow-domed-roof market (phsar) was opened in 1937 during the H.M. King Monivong era. Its art-deco style really attracts the attention of first time visitors to the city, even though it is currently under renovation and will take a few years to complete the full renovation. The major parts of the market, such as its domed section, are completed and the market is still open for business as usual.

Back in the 15th, century the land, where the market now stands, was a man-made lake, called Beng (swamp) Decho. The soil was used by the then King Ponhea Yat's workers to build a small hill where Wat Phnom is currently located. The man-made swamp was then reclaimed by a French company in the early 1900’s in order to build this huge market.

Phsar Thom Thmey has entrances from all cardinal points: St. 126 (north), St. 53 (east), St. 136 (south), and St 67 (west), while around the market’s entrances, there are many flower shops, local food stalls, and so forth. Inside the market, people sell many things, such as jewellery, clothing, electronic goods, shoes, and watches.

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Location : St. 130 between St. 53 and St. 67, approximately 1 kilometer (1093 yards) away from Wat Phnom, Boeung Kak Lake, Phsar Orussey and Sisowath Quay (from St. 130)
Operating hours : daily, approx. 8am to around 5pm
Remarks : many sellers understand only limited English and so this is usually not a main tourist destination for souvenir shopping.

National Library

This is one of Phnom Penh’s historical buildings, which was built in the early 1920’s, during the French colonial era.

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Location : St. 92, between St. 61 and Monivong Blvd
Telephone : +855 23 430609
Email : [email protected]
Operating hours : Monday-Friday, 8am-11am, 2pm-5pm
Remarks : located less than 500 meters (545 yards) to the west of Wat Phnom, some parts of this library are currently not in their best condition.

Railway Station

It was built by a French company in the 1930’s during the H.M. King Monivong administration. Until the local government decides to re-open its train services again, this railway station is available for photo taking only.

Location : just to the west of (Preah) Monivong Blvd, between St. 106 and St. 108.

Click the picture above for bigger photo of Railway Station.

Wat Phnom

Cambodian history tells the story of this temple as starting back in the 14th century, when a wealthy widow, by the name of Daun (grandmother) Penh, built Wat (pagoda) Phnom (hill) on a man-made hill (about 30 meters or 90 feet high) in the late 1300’s.

Since then Wat Phnom has been reconstructed and modified, particularly in the 1400’s. The current “zoo” surrounding Wat Phnom was built in the early 1890’s and the latest renovation was done in 1998. The story above makes Wat Phnom the oldest wat in town.

There are also two stupas within the Wat Phnom complex where the ashes of two former Khmer Kings, H.M. Chao Ponhea Yat (1462) and H.M. Neareay Reachea (1467) are kept.

Click the picture above for more and bigger photos of Wat Phnom.

Location : north end of Norodom Blvd
Operating hours : daily, 7am-6:30pm
Admission charges : the “ticket box” is located on the eastern side of the wat, US$ 1 (one) for a foreigner (no receipt given), free for a Cambodian
How to get there : approximately 1 kilometer (1093 yards) from Boeung Kak Lake or Central Market, or a few hundred meters to the west of Sisowath Quay (along St. 94 or 98)
Remarks : local vendors often approach foreign tourists and many of them are children. Once you buy from one of them, you have to be ready to be surrounded by the rest.

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