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Phnom Penh has two river ports (one is for the ferry terminal and the other is used by the Navy). The ferry port serves both international and domestic destinations, such as Chau Doc (Vietnam, approximately a 5 hour trip) and Siem Reap.

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The port is located within the main touristic area in down town Phnom Penh. There are plenty of Tuk-tuk waiting for passengers just outside this ferry terminal. Many restaurants and accommodations are also within walking distance.

Frequently advertised as an option to go to Siem Reap from Phnom Penh, and vice versa, a boat or ferry trip either way costs around US$32 to $35, depending on where you buy your ticket. After about 5 to 6 hours of journeying, the boat will arrive in Siem Reap province ferry port. From there visitors will spend about 35 minutes on the road to reach Siem Reap city by, for example, in Tuk-tuk.

There are many different comments from foreign tourists after taking the boat trip. Some say they had great trips, but others say they would never take such a trip again. In order to avoid any disappointment, probably you should take a look at the boat first before deciding to buy a ticket.

The boat usually leaves Phnom Penh ferry port, once daily, at 7am, and it could fit about 100 people on board. Often a few people decide to sit on top of its roof to get some fresh air. Tickets can be purchased from any travel agents in the city.

There was another “port” for short river tours along Tonle Sap, Mekong River or to nearby islands on the rivers. Today, after the renovation of the riverside, this port has moved into the ferry terminal. Visitors can see many signboards on the ground, placed by boat operators. Basically passenger(s) hire the whole boat and the boat operators charge a negotiable price of $ 40 for a short tour (about 2 hours) to a nearby island (Mekong island), passing “a floating village”. A 3-hour tour will cost $ 60 for up to two passengers and $ 70 for three passengers travelling together. These prices are normally inclusive of a guided tour around the island in English and can depart as early as the passengers wish.

Cold soft drinks and beers are sold onboard these toilet-equipped-boats for additional charges. For instance a can of soft drink is $ 1.

After the tour, they drop their passengers off at the same spot where they get onboard.

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