Doha, Qatar

Doha is the capital city of Qatar, a country that is bordered by Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf or also sometimes referred to as the Gulf of Persia. Qatar used to be famous as pearls exporter but the economic crisis that hit the world in the early 1930s, has also badly affected the country. However today, Qatar is prosperous again, thanks to its oil and gas.

...The capital city of the world’s largest LNG producer...

With the money coming mostly from both oil and gas, Qatar has been developing very fast. Today visitors will see tall and modern buildings in Doha. The government is also developing its tourism sector by building modern museums, modern big shopping malls, inviting world class sports players, conducting conferences, major sport events, and so on. In December 2010, Qatar was announced it will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This event is believed will boost Qatar’s effort to build its tourism industry.

...Hosting 2022 FIFA World Cup...

Qatar is also trying to improve its worldwide recognition by setting up an international TV channel in Doha, as well as by empowering its state airline Qatar Airways, which is also based in Doha. The TV channel known as Al Jazeera TV Network broadcasts mainly news, just like its competitors CNN International and BBC World. While Qatar Airways, which was “re-launched” in the late 1990s, has been since showing good performance, proven by winning the 5-star airline award.

Less than 1 hour from Dubai and Bahrain, within 4-5 hours from Europe and India
(*approximate flying time on jet airplane)

Qatar Airways transit passengers (should they be on a long transit), local residents and tourists can now enjoy many of the attractions built in Doha. Places like the Arab Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Islamic Art, Souq Waqif (where visitors hunt for souvenirs, local food and Shisha), modern shopping malls, the Pearl, the Cultural Village, and many more welcome visitors.

Apart from ‘man-made’ attractions, Doha also has natural beauties to discover, such as beaches and sand dunes. Beaches, where foreigners can wear bikinis (for women) or be topless (for men) are mostly contained in 5-star hotels and sand dunes are located about 1 hour drive from the city. There is a new 2.5 kilometer beach designed for public in the cultural village area, though visitors have to pay to enjoy the facilities, as well as a few strict regulations apply.

...Start your day with a cup of Arabic coffee and dates...

When it comes to food , Doha has plenty of choices, from local Middle Eastern dishes to European or Asian food. Local food here is mostly the same as the rest of the Middle Eastern dishes, such as Majboos (similar to Indian’s Biryani), Muhammer (sweet rice with dates), Harees or Hareesah (a thick chicken or meat soup) and . There are a number of good restaurants in Doha to try local food, such as in Souq Waqif area or the Cultural Village.

Doha has about 850,000 inhabitants, where foreigners from South Asia and the Middle East are the dominant numbers. The Qataris and the local residents are ready to welcome you, especially from late October to April, where temperatures are mostly acceptable for walking. Enjoy Doha!