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List of some of the temples according to the year of construction:

Preah Ko | Bakong | Lolei | Phnom Krom | Prasat Kravan | East Mebon | Pre Rup | Banteay Srei | Phimeanakas and the Royal Palace | Ta Keo | Baphuon | Angkor Wat | Banteay Samre | Srah Srang | Preah Khan | The Elephants Terrace | Neak Pean | Ta Som | Ta Prohm | Banteay Kdei | Bayon | Leper King Terrace


Ta Prohm is one of the Buddhist temples in Siem Reap built by King Jayavarman VII in 1186. It is located at about 1.8 kilometers or 1 mile away from Bantey Kdei. This temple was dedicated to the King’s mother and built in form of Prajnaparamita (which means “Perfection of Wisdom or the name of the mother of Buddha). Ta Prohm was initially named Rajavihara (or “The Royal Monastery”).

Ta Phrom was originally a Buddhist monastery with around 12,640 people living in it, including 18 high priests, 2,740 officiants, 2,232 assistants and 615 dancers (based on old inscriptions). The Ta Prohm compound consists of one gopura on each side of the compound with big faces of Lokesvara on the top and garudas in its corners, three galleries and 39 sandstone towers (some historians said there were only 36 towers).

The special feature of this temple is the gigantic ficus trees on some roof of the temple. Visitors can see big roots patching on wall and creating wonderful nature sceneries. Among many big trees in Ta Prohm, the iconic “
Crocodile Tree” in the eastern entrance gate or gopura is the most popular one.

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Located to the south of Ta Phrom, visitors can go to Banteay Kdei by walking about 600 meter towards the western entrance of the Banteay Kdei (following the “small circuit” track). This Buddhist temple was built by Jayavarman VII in the middle of the 12th century and it lies on a 700-meter by 500-meter compound (measured from Banteay Kdei outer wall). There is a sacred place measuring 63 meters by 50 meters within the compound and Banteay Kdei itself is mostly made of soft sandstone.

Similar to Ta Phrom, Banteay Kdei’s style is quite similar to Angkor Wat and Bayon. It has galleries, sanctuary towers and four gopuras, which are decorated with the faces of Lokesvara and motifs of garudas in every corner. This temple is still its original condition, hence visitors will find a few galleries that are collapsed and leaning.

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