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There are many choices of restaurants for foreign visitors in Siem Reap, from fine dining to local street food stall standards (Toup).

Around the temples there are plenty of small Khmer food restaurants. A few also serve western dishes like pasta. Normally they open from around 7am to 5:30pm and it costs about US$ 10 for two main meals with rice and local drinks. If these restaurants are not having many customers or events, and are empty, you might get a dollar less for your meal if you think they are too pricey (need to 'negotiate').

Small restaurants and cafés usually accept only cash payment. Tipping is generally not required, while some top end restaurants may already apply service (It should be stated on your bills).

Listed below are a few independently selected restaurants and cafés (sponsor free) by Details mentioned may include its location, operating hours, price range, whether or not booking is required, and so on.

As a reference, a bottle of mineral water costs around 2000 Riel, a can of soft drink costs around US$ 1, a can of beer around 5,000 Riel (about US$ 1.25) and for those who smoke, a pack of Marlboro costs around US$ 1. However, these prices really depend on where you get them. For example, in a nice restaurant, a beer can be as 'high' as US$ 2 per can. Currency exchange information in Siem Reap, Cambodia..

The approximate price range below is based on one main course without drinks (unless otherwise stated) and, if applicable, service charges.

under US$ 5

US$ 5-10

US$ 11-15

US$ 16 or more

Khmer Food

Angkor Mondial Restaurant

This large restaurant serves mainly Khmer, Chinese and western dishes. It has an international buffet in the evening (dinner), as well as showing a traditional Khmer dance, which is performed by over 30 dancers.

Location : Pokambor Avenue, Wat Bo Bridge (near the Old Market)
Telephone : +855 63 760875
Website :
Email : [email protected]
Opening hours : daily, 6am-9pm
Price range :
Remarks : credit card accepted.

Butterflies Garden Restaurant

This restaurant has a outdoor setting with beautifull view of 1,500 tropical butterflies, 500 kinds of flowers and fruiting trees inside the restaurant. Its serves many kinds of Khmer food, western, and vegetarian food. The customers can see some entertainments, such as traditional dance performances and see the releasing a hundreds of butterflies into the air while eating.

Location : on the east side of the river in the Wat Bo area, Siem Reap
Telephone : +855 63 761211
Email : [email protected]
Website :
Opening hours : daily, 9am to 10pm
Price range :
Remarks : a 45 minutes traditional dance and music performance every Tuesday evening, starting at 7:30pm on the garden stage and the releasing of the hundreds of butterflies into the air every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 11am. For more informations about events, contact Mr. Sokhon at +855-63-761-211 (after 3pm).

Cambodian BBQ

The restaurant serves Khmer dishes, as well as grilled snake, crocodile, ostrich, chicken and beef.

Location : The Alley/Pub Street
Telephone : +855 63 966440
Website :
Email : [email protected]
Opening hours : daily, 10am-11pm
Price range :
Remarks : it has pleasant seating and all dishes are cooked without MSG.

Golden Temple Restaurant

This well known restaurant serves all kinds of dishes, Khmer, Asian and European.

Location : Pub Street
Telephone : +855 12 943459
Website :
Email : [email protected]
Opening hours : daily, 6am-12am
Price range :
Remarks : free Apsara dance show every night. Credit card payment available.

Khmer Kitchen Restaurant

There are 3 locations in Siem Reap, all located close to the Old Market area.

Location : along St. 9, also St. 11 (opposite the Old Market)
Telephone : +855 63 964154, +855 12 763468
Website :
Email : [email protected]
Opening hours : open for lunch and dinner
Price range :
Remarks : also runs a cooking class. Free Wi-Fi.

Khmer Taste

The restaurant also serves pizza, apart from its classical Khmer cuisine.

Location : near Red Piano Guesthouse and Sok San Club (access from Sivutha Blvd, near Pub Street)
Telephone : +855 12 830102
Opening hours : daily, 6am-10pm
Price range :
Remarks : cash payment only. It has bicycle rental at a good price of US$ 1 a day.

Le Tigre de Papier Restaurant

The restaurant was opened in 1999. Today it has accommodation and runs a cooking class too. Its menu lists Khmer dishes, and wood fired pizza.

Location : Pub St.
Telephone : +855 12 265811 (also for pizza delivery), +855 12 659770
Website :
Email : [email protected]
Opening hours : 24 hours
Price range :
Remarks : free Wi-Fi and can deliver pizza to hotels/guesthouses.

Lim Kim Cheng

A small clean local food restaurant located on the north end of the Old Market.

Location : north end of the Old Market
Telephone : +855 92 975559
Opening hours : daily, 5:30am-10:30pm
Price range :
Remarks : a small nice Khmer restaurant, located perfectly in the center of the tourist area. There are a few other similar restaurants nearby. Cash payment only.

Master Food Restaurant

A clean and big Khmer food restaurant that also serves various fruit juices.

Location : National Road 6 (near Sivutha Blvd and Sokha hotel)
Telephone : +855 12 613713, +855 12 232000
Opening hours : 7am-12am
Price range :
Remarks : cash payment only and can be busy during lunch time.

Singing Tree Café

This garden cafe’s specialties are vegetarian menu and Khmer dishes, as well as fish and seafood dishes. Singing Tree Café guarantee the freshness and cleanliness of all the dishes that they served.

Location : 2nd lane between Wat Bo Street and Siem Reap river
Telephone : +855 92 635500, 63 965210
Email : [email protected]
Website :
Opening hours : 8am-9pm
Price range :
How to get there : just located at the entrance of Alley West or behind Pub Street (a short walk for about 20 meters)
Remarks : it has a computer and a large room above café for some activities, such as yoga classes, meditation practice and theatrical shows. Free internet and Wi-Fi are also available.

Sophea Angkor Pich Restaurant

This big Khmer cuisine restaurant can accommodate over 1000 customers at the same time and has a traditional Khmer show at 7:30pm-8:30pm. It also serves Western and other Asian dishes.

Location : National Road 6, Sala Kanseng Village
Telephone : +855 63 968888
Fax : +855 63 969123
Website :
Opening hours : daily, early morning-10:30pm
Price range :

Terrasse des Elephants

The restaurant is strategically located on the same location as its hotel. It has a beautiful terrace and also serves Khmer dishes.

Location : Sivutha Blvd, near Pub Street
Telephone : +855 965570
Fax : +855 63 965579
Email : [email protected]
Website :
Opening hours : daily, 7am-11pm
Price range :
Remarks : accepts credit card payments.

The Sugar Palm Restaurant & Bar

Owned by a Khmer woman who migrated to New Zealand many years ago, now she and her New Zealander husband run two Sugar Palm restaurants, one in Siem Reap and another one in Phnom Penh. The restaurant has a beautiful wooden setting.

Location : Taphul St., Svay Dangkum Commune
Telephone : +855 63 964838, +855 12 818143
Email : [email protected]
Opening hours : 11:30am-3pm, 5:30 onwards for dinner. Closed on Sunday
Price range :
Remarks : located about 400 meters behind Hotel de la Paix.

Viroth's Restaurant

An authentic Khmer cuisine restaurant located at Viroth Hotel. It also has a beautiful ambience. Visitors can access the Wat Bo street via Street 22, after crossing the river from the Old Market direction.

Location : No. 246, Wat Bo Street (east of Siem Reap River)
Telephone : +855 12 778096 or 826346
Fax : +855 63 760774
Website :
Email : [email protected]
Opening hours : daily
Price range :
Remarks : accepts credit card payments.

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