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Western Food

Alliance Art Café

This French restaurant is located in a French colonial building that was built in 1953. Not only does it have Asian dishes on its menu but also a collection of wines, spirits and champagnes. The restaurant has a French chef, who prepares the cuisine.

Location : Wat Damnak, 7 Makara St. (near Royal Crown hotel, close to Siem Reap River)
Telephone : +855 63 964940
Fax : +855 63 964990
Website :
Email : [email protected]
Opening hours : daily, 9am-10pm
Price range :
Remarks : shadow puppet and Apsara dance shows every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8pm (reservation recommended).

Happy Herb Pizza

The restaurant, opened in 1993, has 3 locations in Cambodia, one of them is near the Old Market in Siem Reap. It also has Khmer dishes on its menu.

Location : No. 69, St. 2 (opposite Siem Reap Provincial Hospital)
Telephone : +855 12 838134
Website :
Email : [email protected]
Opening hours : 7am-11pm
Price range : (pizzas)
Remarks : has a free delivery service. Cash payment only.

Le Bistrot de Siem Reap

This cosy restaurant, which is located at Victoria Hotels & Resorts, was awarded "the Best French Restaurant in Town" by Conde Nast Traveller. It has good wines on its wine list, as well as good cigars.

Location : Opposite the Royal Garden at National Road 6
Telephone : +855 63 760428
Fax : +855 63 760350
Website :
Opening hours : 6:30pm-10:30pm
Price range :
Remarks : it has 65 seating capacity. Credit card accepted.

Le Grand Cafe

The restaurant, opened in 2004, serves French cuisine, as well as Khmer and other Asian dishes. It is located just across the Old Market on Street 9.

Location : opposite the Old Market
Telephone : +855 12 847419, +855 16 938404
Email : [email protected]
Price range :
Remarks : credit card payment available.

Le Marlraux

Its specialities are French and Khmer dishes. The restaurant also has local ice cream and homemade delicatessen.

Location : No. 155 Sivutha Blve (corner of Street 7)
Telephone : +855 63 966041, +855 12 332584
Website :
Email : [email protected]
Opening hours : daily, 7am till late
Price range :
Remarks : the restaurant has a beautiful setting both inside and outdoor. Wines available.

L'Oasi Italiana

As its name suggests, this Italian restaurant is owned by an Italian. It can be accessed from a road across the Jayavarman VII Children Hospital, going to the east direction until crossing the Siem Reap River, then take the first small road on your right (going to the south direction, along the river). It is located approximately 600 meters/656 yards away from the Jayavarman VII Children Hospital.

Location : Group 4, Phum Trang, Khum Slor Kram (near Conservatory d'Angkor, near Siem Reap River)
Telephone : +855 418917
Website :
Opening hours : daily, 11am-2pm, 6pm-10pm
Price range :
Remarks : has a free delivery service. Cash payment only.

Master Seafood Fish & Chips Restaurant

It says its restaurant in Sydney won the title of "best fish and chips in Sydney 2003". It also serves burgers and salads.

Location : Oum Khun St.
Telephone : +855 63 963322, +855 16 966665
Opening hours : 10:30am-2pm, 4pm-9:15pm
Price range :
Remarks : cash payment only.

Sophea Angkor Pich Restaurant

This big Khmer cuisine restaurant can accommodate over 1000 customers at the same time and has a traditional Khmer show at 7:30pm-8:30pm. It also serves Western and other Asian dishes.

Location : National Road 6, Sala Kanseng Village
Telephone : +855 63 968888
Fax : +855 63 969123
Website :
Opening hours : daily, early morning-10:30pm
Price range :

The Blue Pumpkin

A French Pastry Chef is in-charge of the restaurant's danishes, the pastries. It also has a few other restaurants around Siem Reap, such as in Lucky Market Shopping Center and Angkor Trade Center (they open daily, from 9am to 10pm).

Location : No. 365, Mondol (near the Old Market)
Telephone : +855 63 963574, +855 12 946227
Website :
Opening hours : daily, 6am-10pm
Price range :
Remarks : free Wi-Fi. Credit card payment available.

Terrasse des Elephants

The restaurant is strategically located on the same location as its hotel. It has a beautiful terrace and also serves Khmer dishes.

Location : Sivutha Blvd, near Pub Street
Telephone : +855 965570
Fax : +855 63 965579
Email : [email protected]
Website :
Opening hours : daily, 7am-11pm
Price range :
Remarks : accepts credit card payments.

The Red Piano

The restaurant has been serving its customers since 2000 and serves Western and Asian dishes. It has a famous cocktail named "Angelina Jolie's Tomb Raider Cocktail".

Location : west end of Pub Street
Telephone : +855 63 964750
Website :
Opening hours : daily, 7am-11:30pm
Price range :
Remarks : cash payment only.

U-Dara Café

Located in a quiet area, it is attached to U-Dara guesthouse.

Location : No. 624, St. 14
Telephone : +855 63 760980, +855 12 958824, 12 485268
Website :
Email : [email protected]
Opening hours : daily, 7am-8pm
Remarks : it offers free Wi-Fi.

Tell Restaurant

For those who miss German dishes, this is the restaurant you should visit. It is only located a few hundred meters to the north of the Old Market and has been opening its door in Cambodia since 1999.

Location : No. 374, Sivutha Blvd.
Telephone : +855 63 963289
Opening hours : daily, 10am-11pm
Price range :
Remarks : free Wi-Fi.

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