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Siem Reap's port is actually located at about 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) from the city center. Going to the city by Remork (Tuk-tuk) is a common choice, which should cost around US$ 6, for a 25-minute journey.

Often tourists arrange in advance their pick ups to make their lives easier.

The ferry itself costs around US$ 32 to $ 35 one way to/from Phnom Penh, depending on where you buy your ticket and it takes about 5 to 6 hours to reach either way.

There are many different kinds comments from foreign tourists after taking the ferry trip; some say they had great trips, but others say they would never take such a trip again. In order to avoid any disappointment, probably you should take a look at the boat first before deciding to buy any ticket.

The boat usually leaves the ferry port, once daily, around 7am, and it could fit about 100 people on board. Often a few people decide to sit on top of its roof to get some fresh air. Tickets can be purchased from any travel agents in the city and normally they will arrange a pick up for you too (can be as early as one hour prior to the departure time).

The Tonle Sap/Floating Village tour departs from the same port. Please refer to Places of Interest for further details.

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