Main Dishes

You’ll find many kinds of Torajan traditional dishes during traditional funeral and thanksgiving ceremonies. As a sacrificed animal, porc is part of the traditional local food . “Pa’piong” is the way the locals cook traditional food, in a bamboo stick on an open fire. There are ”Pa’piong Manuk” (chicken mixed with coconut milk, slice steam of young banana and spices), ”Pa’piong Ikan Mas” (fresh carp mixed with coconut milk, slice steam of young banana and spices), ”Pa’piong Babi” (pork mixed with ”mayana”, a traditional vegetable, and spices), and ”Pa’piong Kerbau” (buffalo meat mixed with mayana). Beside Pa’piong, there is also ”Pamarasan”, the local way to cook the food in their special Toraja black spices. There are ”Babi Pamarasan” (pork cooked in Toraja black spices), ”Kerbau Pamarassan” (buffalo meat cooked in Toraja black spice), ”Tollo’ Bale Pamarrasan” (fresh water carp cooked in Toraja black spice). Another traditional food is ”Babi Kecap” (pork cooked in spicy sweet soya sauce), ”Lawo” (chicken cooked with fern and young stem banana to be then grilled), ”Masak Katapi” (fresh fish cooked with ‘kecapi’ fruit), can be found in traditional warung/rumah makan in Bolu market.


”Ballo” or the local palm wine is a traditional Toraja drink; it can be easily found in some traditional “warung” or ”rumah makan” (RM), such as “RM Pong Buri” in Rantepao. There is also a non alcoholic traditional drink called ”Tamarella Juice” or ”Terong Belanda” (local name). This drink is made of red eggplant and is often served as a welcome drink in some hotels and can be ordered in numerous restaurants in Tana Toraja.

Toraja is also famous for its Arabica coffee, which is known as ”Kopi Toraja” or Toraja coffee. One of the major producers is PT. Toarco Jaya, which has been producing and selling their coffee for many years. The company opens its door for visitor to visit its factory. See “PT. Toarco Jaya” for further detail.

Warung and Rumah Makan

Other than good-standard local restaurants, you will also find many local-style small street side "restaurants", called Warung or Rumah Makan/RM (direct translation: eating house). These are places where you will find the real prices of food for Toraja or even the rest of Indonesia. They are very affordable to most Indonesians. The difference between warungs and rumah makans is that warungs are never (or rarely) built on a permanent place, whereas rumah makans are built on a permanent basis. However warung/RM cleanliness or hygiene really varies. Unless you are so used to these kinds of environments, you should carefully judge cleanliness before eating somewhere.

Local/Toraja Dishes

Please take notes that sometimes pictures make food looks delicious but you might not like the food, or the otherway around.

Papiong Babi Papiong Manuk (papiong ayam)
Pamarasan Pamarrasan (ikan mas)
Ballo Tamarella Juice

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